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Internet Culture PPC cerrin trip and anselas luv stroi
Author: kawaiiichisgurl4eva
Fiction Rated: R - English - Romance - Reviews: 7 - Published: 01-07-08 - Updated: 03-07-08 - Complete

hi agin its kawaiiichisgurl4eva with teh netx instalmet of cerrin, trip and anselas luv stroi but ill replie 2 ppls reveiws furst

xXxkawaiifaerieneko19xXx - im so gald u luved it. ill writ moar as fats as i can, i pormise

With_Canon_You_Can - ur a scardy-cat meenie woh cant evan admet woh he is wehn hes flamming ppl. go back 2 ur mumies baesment babie boi.

drrk_ayngel_hez - thnx 4 stadnin up 4 me. can i borow ur tank so i can cruhs him misefl

XxGrignrsgurlxX - gud 1 u relly told that meenie woh's boss. im ur betset frend 4eva

Ellintiyra Lloysinthayr - im glad ur lieking my stroi unliek taht otha meenie. ill writ lods moar so dont wory abut findnig out waht hapens 2 cerrin and trip and ansela. those wrods u didnt undrestadn where japanase (is taht who u spel it i dunno) but i dont no waht tehy meen i juts thooght tehy sunded coll. yh lux is creppy and i wuldnt want to meat here as wel.

kawaiiichisgurl4eva kawaiiichisgurl4eva kawaiiichisgurl4eva kawaiiichisgurl4eva

ansela groned adn sat up in her bet in the medcal ward thingie (a/n what it caled i cant remeber) were seh was lies. she know this by teh medcal ppl al rond her and runing in and ot of teh rom and teh ohter hrut ppl lyeng on ohter bets al arund teh rome. (a/n btw tihs chappie if folowing anslea if u culdnt allredy gues) ppl were hrut and bleding al ovre the flor and stuf and her shulder hurt and she loked rund to see taht she had a whole in her shulder form were cerring had shotted her the baka teme bitch and cerine was alos lying on a bed nerby and was hrut as wel witch sevred her rite teh murdrer and were was tripe bcuz anseal culdnt see him at al so she asked a nruse 'were is tirp' and teh nures said 'in surgry stile bcuz he was hurt bader tahn u 2' and waled of.

ansela loked at cerrin who loked relly sad and upsat so anseal went to sat on her bed to cher her up bcuz she was her bets frend evan if seh did tri 2 kil her b4 but taht was onyl bcuz she was upest and seh wuldnt have doen it if seh hadnt cought anlesa and tripe 2gehter. seh put her amr arund cerrins shulder and huged here tigth bcuz a hug allwais mad tihngs beter and seh sad 'there theyre tirp wil live he cant die bcuz he luvs boht of us and he onli cheted on u bcuz he new who muhc i neded him as wel as u neded him' and cerrin asked 'what do u men by taht' and anslea wetn 'evan juts a few monmets wiht him is moar presus 2 me tahn a hole palase maed off sliver and goald and platnum and filed wiht expensve jewls liek rubbys and saphires and emralds ans stuf liek taht' and cerin wetn 'oh tahts wierd thats how i fel abut him as wel and i wuld die if he wasnt her wiht me'.

anslea huged her frend to comfrot her and risa and kana (a/n thier ansela and cerins patrners but their not improtant to tihs ficcy i juts ned tehm to tel sumtihng and teh their gun i pormise) wakled in and risa siad 'ur not uor patrners anemoar bcuz we haet u and ur useles and ur boht patrners wiht trip now and were partned wiht each ohter' and tehn kana grabed risa and puled her donw in2 a big kis and ansela and cerine notised taht tehy wherent gurls anemore but insted tehy where guiz and tehy were kising and gropping each ohter in teh midle of teh sick bay tihng and ansela puled a camra out of her bra and yeled 'real life yaoi' ans strated tacking pichures 2 sel to ohter yaoi fans in the ppc and tehn risa notised waht she was dong and grabed risa and disapeered (a/n u now that tihgn taht shingamis can do in bleech and taht risa and kana can do bcuz tehyre shingami as wel) and ansela mooned and put her camra back awai were she puled it forme.

tehn the nruse cam bake in and told tehm 'trip is ding bcuz he was hit in the hert wiht a bulet and if u want to sai gudby 2 him tehn u can but kep it shotr bcuz hes dyeing and he wont liev much logner' and ansela crid and so did cerin and tehy got up and ran to the surgry rom (a/n what is that caled agin) and ran in and none was in tehre exept trip and he relly was dying and tehn ansela sad 'i know a magic spel taht can kep him aliv but tehre is a prize to pai 4 uzing it do u want to pai taht prise' and cering went 'yes i want to what is it'.

kawaiiichisgurl4eva kawaiiichisgurl4eva kawaiiichisgurl4eva kawaiiichisgurl4eva

ha ha its a cliffhanger im making u wait and ill never tel u teh edning unles i get at lest 5 gud reveiws.

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