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Internet Culture PPC Should U, Wuld U, Kudzu B Mine?
Author: brandywine_baby89
Fiction Rated: G - English - General/Romance - Reviews: 5 - Published: 02-07-08 - Updated: 10-07-09 - In Progress

(AN: OMG its been 4ever! But don't worry, becauds I m back! And I'm going 2 conitue my story! Bur firtst, reviews!

JayBird: Thanks! Whuts a betta? I dont know either, lol.

kawaiiichisgurl4eva: I dnno, lol, ul just have to wait an c!

Lady Cyskia: I kno rite! its unfair. but Arora has sonthing up her slecve! THANKS!)

Aurora walked don the halls of HW with her new flashpatch! which she got from the Marqwuis. She was happy and prud bcus she was going to help him. But 1st she had 2 find herRC. It was 89 (AN I dnno if any1else has that 1, so sorry if they do!) and it was n the Deparment of...

Mary Sues!

She didt like the SO 4 being mean 2 the Marqwuis, but she wanted 2 kill sues, bcuz sues SUCK. She patted the cactus flashpatc on her shoulder and whistled 2 herself 2 find her way. But she didn't get there. She was in th rong hallway! And then she herd a vice in her head, and it said...

(OMG, another cliffie lol! But srsly, idk how 2 do the slanty words, culd some1 plz tell me? Thanks!


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