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Lonelybrokenangel -- Adventure/Romance -- Posted: 26/09/2012 -- Updated: 30/09/2012
A.N.: Hi everyone! thanks for taking the time to read my story. this chapter will introduce my agents.

Angel Celestial Stella Highwind:
Age: 17
Appeirence: Her hair is snow white with black highlights and dark blue highlights that covers her eye. she wears a black shirt that ends in a diagnol line so her stomach shows. she wears black pants and black boots that goe up to her ankels. her eyes are gold and sparkl like stars. she has wings that are white like hr hair and she can fly with them. She also wears a red scarf and goggles.
Canon: Angel is from the final fantasy 4 canon. she is the younger sister of kain highwind and is a draggon. she realized that there were mary sues out in other worlds that needed slying and so she flew off to hunt them down. she came across the ppc and the flowers askedd for her help.
Weapon: She uses a magic lance that glows i white in te dark.
Lust objects: None. she never lets her love get in the way of killing sues.
Crushes: She has a crush on Agent Supernumerary but he doesnt know it and she isnt telling anyon.

Collin Glacie Ever-blood:
Age: 19
Apperence: He has short red hair that spikes out to the sides along his face and spikes back. he wears a blac and blue vest and a black long coat over it. He wears black pants with blue stripes going up the side of the outside of his legs. He wears black boots. he has icey blue eyes and has a pet wolf named Sanguiaqua.
Canon: Collin is from he Kindom hearts canon. he opened up a portal to a new world and found hmself n the ppc hq. the flowers didnt trust him yet though so they sent their weeds to attack him. he faught them off using his keyblade. the flowers realized that he could hepl thm kill sues, so they hired him.
Weapon: his keyblade is is called Deathflow and it s mostly black but glows red around the edges. the arm thingie at the top of the blade is shaped like a scyth and is also black and red around the edges.
Lust ovjects: None!
Crushes: he has a crush on zexion from kingdom hearts and also on Angel so hes really jealous of Agent Supernumerary because hes telepathic and read Angels mind and knows that she likes him.

A.N.: Did you like it? Next chapter im going to start the story. please review!
I liek the tragic ones. There's this one called Platypus, where he kills his dad on accident, but probably mmy fav is MacDeath.
Lilith Wydenbrooke
That one is so tragic too! But of course I like Romeon and Juliette best because it's all about true love!
oh, i like pylas Like this one we red in lit, it was Ham net or something and a girl drowns. pylas are often tragic. *Nods wise*
Lilith Wydenbrooke
It's not just a movie, it's a plya. Streetcar is sooooo tragic omg. And I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MOAR OF ANGEL AND COLLIN! They sound like really awesome!
Ur agents are so unique and not sterotipes. pls post soon can't wait to red also ff is so kewl an i see what u did ther naming her stella liek star.

So now Nume can shout ~stellAAAAAA!!!!~ and it wil be awsom. (I get the refrince but have nut seen the muvie it is from. Also meh ty ping es bad bcos it is rlly l8 an i just drank 2 mtn dew after my mom kick me off computer for night typ ing bye fone my mom is fashist can't wait till i m 18 or @ lest can driv.)