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Did we say it's all go? That was pre-emptive, because now, it is all EVEN MORE go! Our definitely very good friends in the Principality of Liechtenstein have finally released the files they siezed from our servers when this whole little misunderstanding began, back in 2010. It's taken a lot of work, but at long last, the Lost Year is online! Many thanks to his gracious highness, Alois, Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein, who has promised that he definitely probably won't do it again.

We dedicate this archive to poor Roderick the tea-boy, who never did recover from being shot during the takeover. Always in our hearts, Roderick.
The 20201 rampup is going strong, and we're happy to announce that not only is the 2019 season of PPC fiction also online!, but we've also managed to bring the 2020 PPC Shipfest into our archives. It's all go here at fanficVERSE!
Greetings, true bedevillers (or however that goes)! While we unfortunately haven't been able to bring all of the archives back online as yet, we HAVE managed to get the ENTIRE 2020 season of PPC fiction back... online!

You can find every single story from this amazing year right here in our stories index - and we hope to see many more joining them soon!

What do you mean there's only six? What, was everyone just really distracted last summer or something?
While you're waiting for fanficVERSE to be fully online, you might find something interesting in the oft-exciting lives of the PPC's writers! Why not check out these totally realistic accounts at:

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fanficVERSE is still coming together, but we're pleased - nay, ecstatic - to announce that our beautiful former sites have been rescued from the Liechtensteinian oppressors. For the very best fanfic you can't find anywhere else, please visit:

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