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My True Love
FyreStarBlossom -- Romance/Comedy -- Posted: 27/09/2012 -- Updated: 27/09/2012
One day Riaa and Lana were eating cake together.
Lana said "I dont know if I love you sometimes"
And Rjooaaaa said "But I love yous o much!!!!!!"
And lan said 'but you have a spider body and thats kind gross we cant have secks.'
And so rhiaaa was sad.
But lana said 'im going to go somewere."
and so Riaa was alone!
And she got into a relly low-cut dress and mad a circle and prayed to lolth!
"I want to b a human girl so lana will luv me!' she prayed to lolth. 'i was a humn girl before i can just do this rite?' and so she made a pell to turn her into a normal girl jus with white hair and stuff and she was about to cast it when SUDDENLY!!!!!

tge spell wnet somehwere else! and she ran and looked and suddenly she saw a new person who was a guy but a ttlly cute bishie wi wolf ears anna teail! And he waz where narav had been standing and lana was looking at im with hearts in her eyes! oh no! said rhiasdrhfamalamadingdong.

(And, within the PPC:
Narav sometimes was a bit annoyed at his heightened hearing. Sure it was useful for missions, and life in general, but some times...
"Are you sure I can't have chocolate?" asked a feminine voice.
"No. It's a drug for your kind, even if being a drider weakens the effect. I'm pretty sure that's illegal," said the more familiar voice of his partner.
The other voice sighed. "Aww..."
"Besides... we don't need that to have fun." Narav sighed and pushed through the door, trying not to not imagine the possibilities Lana and Riaa'lzhor might have been exploring. He tossed a few sheets of paper on the floor in front of them.
"What's this?" asked Riaa. "Wait... what?"
Lana snatched up the paper. "Not--sweet lady of solder, what is this? I should think that I've gotten over any uncertanties..."
"A low-cut-- I'm showing my neck? Just--to everyone? How immodest!" Riaa frowned.
"I see your neck all the time," remarked Lana.
Riaa frowned. "That's different. You're my girlfriend, so it's fine. And-- Lolth? From--Dungeons and Dragons? I was born this way! From a drawing, but it counts. Even if I have this many eyes, I'm still a Ne'kalsaider! I only worship Sharess, and I was never a dark elf! Or a human, or whatever this, ugh, FyreStarBlossom, wrote." She looked at Narav.
"I'm surprised you're not ranting about being turned into a bishie anthro-wolf-thing."
Narav gave a slow grin, showing all of his teeth. "No. I'm more interested in seeing the effects that blood from a Canim Sue will have." The others frowned for a moment, before starting to grin too.)
OMG i feel so sorry 4 riaa it sux that she has a spider bodys and that she cant have sex w/ her girlfrind. and how dare narav steel lana from her, they wer in love so its not far. u shood make riaa kill narav to get lana back and than shell fall in lov w/ her even mor and then riaa can get a normal boy and theyll have sex.