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A Unerpected Dwsrf
D4rkm0k -- Romance/Friendship -- Posted: 26/09/2012 -- Updated: 26/09/2012
A/N: I no I sed I was onl gonnz make teh one story bout thee Dwarfes but I hed a nidea thst I hadto right!

Aent Eamon in his RC Centar when whe is viated bu a unexepcted Dwarf! "What be ye doin her, agent Jutin?" Agent justin was in the hallway. 'I be hear to tell ye tha I be pergnent! (A?N Caus in thea lasr stoery with teh Dwarfs they did sEX TO EAH OTHER)" Agente Aemon waa veryu serprized about this nadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd then he sed "be yee shure that ye area the mother?" and Agnet JUstin sad "yes" and then Agent Aemon asid "Do I be feather?" and Agenagent Jistin siad "Yes@" Ten they higged anda rubed there bears togethe adn went4 intwo the RC CEnter adn theu talced. Too be Continuwed !!!!@

A?N Whates gona happin!??! Red the next Cho to fine out!
Atocorrrect is fro loosers. Yuo only us auocorect if yo cant right5. My story si god (cause yopu lieked it an if its bad than you lik bad stuff) so I donut need it.

=D4rkm0k M4573r 0f D4rkn355!
I liek that you ar contninuning this storie but meyby you shud run the storie thru in autocrect cause there ar sum relly bad mistaks but I luv it anyway ok and I cant wait till the next chappie!