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Ponies of teh Plot Continums 2 - Fanfic is stil Magic!!!
Ponyrella96 -- Adventure -- Posted: 27/09/2012 -- Updated: 27/09/2012
A/N: Ppl liekd Sparkly Desu somuch taht I had two rite a news tory!

Sparkly Deau was a pone in te deapartment of Cute and uniique frendships in teh Ponys if tge polt Contuinuum and she was pink w a kawi yello main.

Teh Sunfowler Brony sed that he hsd a misson for Sparky Sesu to goon in teh Pony of teh Rigns world (Geddit? Cause ponys are kewt!!).

The Ey of Souron (Its a big gross eey mad f fyre!( was makin teh pones from teh Shirr an the sunflwer Borny wants Soarkly DEsuy togo tell the eya to stop beeing meen!

"I will go and twll hin to stop bein meen!:

Sew sporkly DEu wrnt to te Muddle Earth and she founsd teh Eyae of Sounron and he was makin fun ofteh Shere Oinys,

"Yu shuld stp[ bein meen eye fo Sourin!"

"Ok I will stop beang meen."

And than he went awa and the Sjire ponys wenty too the moontain (it was a vulcaino and all gros and stuff) and tehy thru the ring into teh lava anda theyre wasan exploseon an rainbws cam outof the montain and tehy maerd evry thing beter and gerener anad then thear was a partie with caek and punch!

"You ar are beat firend Sparekly Desu!"


A/N: Sparklu Desu si so kewt and kwaii and if yo thnik so you shuld revew and tell me! BUT NO FLAMWS! LUV AND TOLRATE!