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U Can See That Im The 1 Who Undertsandds U
XXXluner-huntrezzXXX -- Angst/Romance -- Posted: 28/09/2012 -- Updated: 28/09/2012
A/N So I'm luner-huntrezz and this is mah first PPC story!!! The PPC is mostly meen and rude(they killed my friends character!!!!! Just bcuz they didn't want anyone 2 get w/ Leggy and they hate woman!!!) Theyre dumb but theres one character named Nume whos SUPER MAJOR HOT. Exept he has a a dark and angsty past and he doesnt ever find love! SO this is a story Ive been thinking of for a while... I just mifght write it dowmn... dont know if im gonna finish t... tell me what u think hehe :)


Agent Supernumery angsted in his bed. He cryed in2 his pillow about his dark and angsty past. "Nobody understands me!" he cryed. "The flowers don't understand me and my partner left me for a different agent! Oh what am I going to do?" His partner Ilrayn had left him yesterday for a different agent. Nobody loved Supernumerary and he was deprezzed about it.

Then the sunflower came into Supernumeray's room. "Nume since ur partner left u were giving u another partner" the sunflower proclaimed

"No don't shell only leave me 2" Nume whimpered

"No I wont" whispered Nume's new partner.

Supernumerary looked up. Standing there was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

"Who are you" Supernumerary questioned

"My name is Amethyst Evensong Darkgloom" said the girl. She was wearing a black dress with a red striped corset and a black skirt. There was black lace all around the end of the skirt and some red lace too but not as much. She was wearing purple fishnets on her legs and two pairs of fishnets one black one red on her arms and the black fishnest were ripped showing the red ones underneath. She was wearing black combat boots with silver buckles and reddish skull patterns on them. Her hair was long and black down to her mid waist and it had purple strweaks in it. Her bangs fell mysteriously over one eye giving her a dark and mysterious loojk.

"Why do u want to be my partner" Nume said "My other partner just left me"

"Ill be your partner if u promis not 2 leve me 2" Amethyst said

"what do u meen" Nume said

"well was a agent here but then my partner left me for agent Luxury that prep" Amethyst said. "So I am alone and brokenhearted and i dont trust anyone anymore"

"Really" Nume said "becaise I am alone and brokenharted 2 and i don't trust anyone anynmore 2!!"

"really wow" Amethyst said "So we can be partners twogether I will cheer u up and stpo you from bein depresed and u will cheer me up and you will stop me froum being deprezzed??"

"ok" said Supernumerary "that sounds good"

They looked into each others eyes and they knew that they understod eachother like no 1 had ever understood them b4. They were about 2 kiss when........................................... the console beeped!


A/N a cliffie!!!! so what do u think????? Nume is sooooooo hawtt! Will they get 2 kiss???? or will they DIE on the mission???? i wont update till i get 5 revows so tell me!! Or else youll never find out! MWAHAHAH!!
Rite more! Jeez every1 is in2 tis Nume guy all of a sudden lol! I still don't know who he is, but maybe I'll have 2 find out! Ur really good at this! I hope they find True Love and r happy 2gether! Write mora soon!!!1!