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Inner Strength
Dystopian_Utopia -- Horror/Tragedy -- Posted: 29/09/2012 -- Updated: 29/09/2012
"Just relax and sink deeper into sleep," said a soothing female voice. "We are going to that part of your self where you hide your reserves of strength. It is deep down inside of you, but it is there."

The sleeping Elf's subconscious mind ventured into the deep places of itself, away from the light of the world.

"Deep down," continued the female voice. "When you find that pool of emotional strength you need to open the gates that keep it locked away and let some of it come out."

The Elf saw the pool of strength through his mind's eye. It looked like a lake of seething fire. He saw the gate, as well. It was massive. How could he ever achieve such a monumental task as opening that gate?

"I know this is difficult for you," said the voice, even more soothing than before, "but you can do this. Reach inside and free yourself."

The Elf's hands twitched and clicked as he lay on the leather couch. In his mind he had positioned himself in front of the gate and was pulling on the huge structure. It was impossible that this could work. Impossible...until the gate gave a lurch and swung open with a force that took the Elf by surprise. He was caught up in a river of molten fury.

"Ithalond?" called the woman's voice. "What's wrong? Wake up! Come back to me, Ithalond!"

Ithalond felt himself drowning in the river of his own repressed strength. He was was being swept away in the current. While his body thrashed on the couch, his mind fought for the surface. The raging torrent was too much for him. He was going to succumb to the river's rage when it thrust him into the waking world.

Ithalond's eyes opened to the sight of a worry-stricken Jenni Robinson. Tears were running down her cheeks, but she seemed to be relieved at his awakening. "Thank goodness," she said while wiping a tear from the corner of her eye. "You had me worried for a... Ithalond, are you all right?"

"How could you?" spat the Elf. There was a rough edge to his voice that Jenni had never heard before. He pulled himself into a sitting position, his cybernetic hands clutching the edge of the couch, puncturing the leather. "You allowed them to keep me ALIVE! After what I'd been through?!" He stood up cunvulsively and found that his hands were at the beautiful doctor's throat. A manic smile crept onto his face as he squeezed.

Jenni thrashed in his grip, attempting to free herself from the crazed Elf. Try as she might, she could not force his cybernetic hands to open. She was beginning to lose consciousness. She could hear Ithalond talking. "Let's see if we can find your reserves of strength," he said with a sneer. Jenni distantly felt a pain in her abdoman and then she felt no more.