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D4rkm0k -- Action -- Posted: 19/09/2013 -- Updated: 19/09/2013
Onec up on a time. Their was a place caled Oringans nad there wasn't rea;;y anything their. It was kindas bornig and laem. Butt noe day their was a pothole that openned ip in a steet and sume seedsand stuff fel thru it and maid t5he plante green,or sumthing. So Oringins was all full of thees planst and thigns that awere taling and stuff and movin areound.

One ofteh Flwoers was the SO. And hea was talkinga to teh Marky D Sodd and siad. "You know hwat wud be awesome." "No. Whatwud be awesome." "If we cud like go to othera wurlds and stuf." "that wud eb awesome." Sop tey riped open a blackhole in space and built a room in it i guess cause they ca;;ed it the 1st rom. from the 1st room they cud go too all teh worlfs and it was awesome.

Butt evrything changed wjen the Big Thorn nation ataked. Adn the 1st romm was undr atak and the OS was liek. "Oh crap we are underatake." So thy build mroe romos ontoo the1st toom and I guessthat was liek the 2st and 3st rooms or somethign likea that cause tha wud maek snese. so thy rean away intoo the oteher rooms anf the Bug Thron and sum other guys that wereflowers too ollowed.Then teh blackhole in space suked all of Origon into it soon agter.

SO thea fowlers andstugg waere all traped in teh roomsnad waere liek. "Wut are ew gonna doe." "I dont no." "we shud goo to oether words cause tat wud be prety rad." "thant wud be prety rad." Sp tey did adn then tey wer teh PPC.

so teh flwers wer doin there thing adn stuff and themthe MarySues wer liek. "Hey. Yer all like in our face or sumthing." nad the flwowers awere said. "U got beef." "yeh we git beer." :then we shud fite". Nad tehy did. dn that is teh satory of Oringina.

A/N SO thst isthe stiry so U dont hve too reed it cause it si soo longe. Pls R7R, -D4rkm0k M457er of D4rkn355
Wow. Wowwww. Way to take a facsinating subject and turn it into drivel. Like, even if you could spell, this would still be drivel. And its a shame, because I really want to read a story like these about how the PPC came about. But with writers like these, why should I bother?
Dont' lisen to her shes a flamber. Its' prolly becus she has no lief. ok so I tihkn your story is AWSOM b/c I triee to read teh orignal sotry by hUnesoron (PS ddi you kno i'm her bigst fan?!?!?! Its' tru! Bef4 i claled mysefl JayBird on FanficLad I wus called hInesoron actually but I changed it so ppl wuldn't tihkn I was her!!!!1) but liek you sayd it as TWO LOG so its relly goo for someonw to havre pout a shortwer vsersdon up so tahnk you!!!!!!11!!
H8t3r5. Thry r jst made cause there stoerys r notas gud as mine. Butt your niec so im gonna rite a 2st chap jst 4 u.
How could even tell if she had butted her niece? Also, if you did, JayBird, you really shouldn't have. Headbutts are so inefficient. That's why people tend to prefer kung fu. There are no headbutts in kung fu.
Oops, I used my wrong user name. That was the one I was going to use, and then decided not to. It was actually me, everybody.

Unless I want to use that name later, to remain incognito, but now that chance is ruined. You can't surprise someone if they've already been surprised. Unless you were taking advantage of the fact that they were already surprised, to surprise them again. Then they would never suspect to be surprised, which would make it all the more surprising!

But now I am telling you, just to throw you off the scent. For all you know, I am already everyone, and was only doing this to confuse people.

What a scoop! Wow! This is amazing! We have actually received a fanfic posting from an alternate universe where the rules of coherency do not apply!

What is it like in your world? How do people speak to each other when words have different meanings and spellings in each sentence? What sound does the ; make? And above all, what happened once the Flowers became undertakers and drank all of the Sue's beer?

At least, I think that's what happened. Your otherworldly language is so far removed by my own, this story could have been talking about any number of things.
This is sooo great!!! U have to tell me how u made it so shourt! Becasue the original is soooo long! It took me a MONTH to read! But this is SO short! Ur amazing!

Bye, bye,