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One Night At Rudi's
PinkCarnations -- Romance -- Posted: 22/09/2013 -- Updated: 22/09/2013
Agent Xericka marched through the hallways of PPC Headquarters. It was not a happy march, either; only people (or Nobodies, in this case) with a serious chip on their shoulder moved like that. Other agents were scrambling to get out of her way.

She gritted her teeth as she kept replaying over the last thirty minutes. The nerve of Gremlin to say that to her! To act like she had been the one hurt despite what happened! It was intolerable. And what's more, it was only one example in their partnership together of Gremlin being a shining example of a dreadful human being.

She rounded a corner and found herself face-to-face (so to speak) with Rudi's Pub. Good. She needed a drink or two.

Xericka walked inside and made her way straight to the bar. "Bleepka tonic. Extra lime and extra Bleepka," she demanded from the bartender. He nodded and bustled off to fulfill her order.

"Sounds like a drink order with a story behind it," someone said from behind her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Who is this mysterious individual? What did Gremlin do to earn Xericka's disdain (admittedly, that question probably isnt that hard)? Find out in the next chapter!
Update update update!1!This is sooo good! And I wanna see what person it is!

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