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The old-Nu Agnt
Aurans Ablaze -- Action -- Posted: 22/09/2014 -- Updated: 22/09/2014
Agent Thorne Blake Spectre Gawainson strode confdiently thru the hall of the PPC, he'd returned cos he'd heard that the nuagents weren't doing a gud job of killng off da sues and he'd been needed to clear sum of um up and train som newbies ups. Reachin the room of da first agent he was to train Thoren knocked. A quic scuffle waz herd behind the door b4 a youngish looking agent appeared. "Sup" Thorne sed "my name's Agent Thorne blake specter gawanison, I'm hear to train you to b a bttr agent." "Ok" the man behind the door sed "I'm called Apollo." "Ok then Apollo Thorne ed "Letz get a missiun up andsee how you do." walking over to the machine (A/N I forgot what they're called) Thorne clicked on a special link that let him see all of da missiuns available. "Sneior agents only" hesaid as explanation to Apollo, already predicting waht was on da other agents mind. Seeing a gud mission Thoren claimed it and opened it up. "Com'on" he sed to Apollo "letz see wot this is like." "Ok" Apoolo sed stepping through the portalthing after Thorne they landed in a forest, "right letz gt ot work" Thorne sed "How" Apollo asked. thorne shook his hed "Rookies he said. "It's simple, us proper agents can see the difference between canon and the bad prts of the fic, and mst good agent have powers that let them remove it like this." Thorne concentrated as he spread his forcefield round the world, collecting up all the bits of badfic and hurling thm off planet and into the sun. "lets find another fic for you to do tht on" thorne said. "I can't" Apoolo said "I can;t do that, I'm just an archer." Pfft archers" thorne said 2train in a real way of combat thorne patted the two katanas on his back, until then why don't you leave the badficsto us and do somefing more ur thing on da other sidde of the PPC. "Yeah that douns cool" Apollo sed. "Thanks Thorne for helping mesee the way, I'll let you do your awesome fing and I'll support you where I can." "you do that dood" thorne said as they exited the badfic. "now Ineed to help another newb and you should go seed the Marquis du Sod to change sides yeah."

With that Throeen and Apollo split ways and Apollo was happy in his nu position and Thorne Spectre Blake gawianson continued on helping newb agents where he cood.

A/n how do you do the line things they'rerelly cool. Plz rview or I won't rite agian.
OOH! I reeeeeallllly like thissss!!! Torn Black Gawinsin is soooooooooooo badass!!!!! Write moaaaaar!


(Im trying out a new SIGNATure!!! DO you like it???!!!)
OMG PLAYJERIST! Taht pwower of Thron Bake is TOTERLY PLAYJERISTED from mi frist Jaycacia Thornbyrd sotry. Yu sohuld be BNANED, b/c yo hav mayed me CRYE now.
OMG DIS WAS DOOOO GOODD! Lol I thout th nu agent (cant remembr his name lol) was ttly n00bish becuz serisly he cant do coooool force fields liek thorn whos a ttly a HOTTIE!!! ;D ;D ;D

Btway cold u plz check out my story about Ranrina da half tiem Lord half angle agent?? Its SUPER GOOD!! But i havnt posted it yet D: But when its up, REVIOW PLZ!
OMG u need 2 stop plagirizin JayBird! JayBird is my fiend and if u dont stop I will report u 2 the fanficWOrld admis!!! If u cant rite sumthing original, GTFO!!!