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Ranrina+the Well Of Tiem
-xIximazx- -- General -- Posted: 23/09/2014 -- Updated: 23/09/2014
A/N: OK guys this is my first PPC Fanfic and I hop it's good!

Ranrina was sittin in the RC, Rc 3-apple-14, her emraldgreen eys wandering arond the RC. Her choclatbrown hare tumbld down her back liek a waterfal of choclat and her wings were spred behind her. She was a Agent Of The PPC a half Time-lord half angle. Her mother was a angle sent to wach over Doctor who who was her fahter. But nobody new that but her. (A/N: If u guyz have a problem w/that then to bad lol.) her wepins were a glong wite how taht were carved w/pics of Galliferayan writin wich were carved w/pics writing that said cum liket werberabat (thats latin for w/this lite I smite you) and a sowrd. It had a dragon rapped around the handle part. She is 17.

Rinranda got up and decided to practis flying. She tok her bow and shoot 10 targets in the Bulls'eye. Tired she decided to take a nap put that was wen.....................................................,............


Ranrina groned. She was soo tired but a Agent Of The PPC never gets to sleep seriosly she had no sleep for like a month but it did'nt matter because she is half Time-lord half angle, though so it didn't matter. She got redy for her next misson.

A/N: Waht did u guys think?? :D :D :D Plz R&R Ranrina needs the luv lol!! Btw I won't update untill I get at least 5 god revews! K thanx! <3
OMG this was best storey evr this is lik my favortist thing EVAR!!1! is ranrina part weping angle? that would be AMEZiNG!
Ooh cool I hand'nt thot of that! I shold ttly do that! Thanx for the idea!
I can literally smell the self-insert. And it smells like s**t.

At least you know how to paragraph. That's about the only redeeming thing this pointless waste of time has.

-1/10. You've reached a new low in my eyes.
You are a hater. You go around making comments about how horrible everyone's writing is. And while I do agree that these stories are nowhere near as good as they have the potential to be, you don't need to go about saying things in such a mean way.

You don't even know the difference between you're (a contraction meaning 'you are') and your (which shows possession, as in "Your story needs work."). You, sir, have no right to flame these authors when you yourself can't seem to grasp the most rudimentary rules of grammar.
Does it look like I care?

Your just words on a screen.

You have no power over me.

I do what I want.
I <3 her sword! Ranrina is so cool! Are her wings feathery or like a bat would have leathery dragony wings which I think are way cooler. Update soon! :)
Hey srry I didnt' review this b4! I lie this! I have never cn a half Time Lord half anfle Agent b4, nd Ranarina is cool! I liked the part wher she shot her bow in the air, that as super cool lol. What will her mission b?! Plz write more!