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First impressions
xXxDragonLoverxXx -- Action/Hurt/Comfort -- Posted: 24/09/2014 -- Updated: 24/09/2014
Derik was standing in thew oods outside Carvahall by himself disguised as a genreic villager and waiting in silence. He had heard about this continuum was full of Canon Sues and Stus and could only assume this was a cruel joke from the Flowers because it had dragons. Hadn’t he suffered enough losing his own dragon had almost killed him? Now he was stuck in an awful continuum having to save a whiny brat of a dragon rider the likes of which woudn’t even have survived a hatching (A/N: It’s been forever snce I read Pern I don’t remember what teh ceremony is called *Shrug*)

There was the Sue—the one he was allowed to kll anyway. She was a elf woman with enbony black hair and electric blue eyes with delicately pointed ears and luminisecent moon skin. She also ripped off the scene in the LotR movies with Arewen Derik threw up in his mouth a little bit.

Sue: Freeze, mortal.

Derik didn’t rwrite down the charge of slang his gaze was fixed on the egg gleamed in the moonlight. Its shell was deep blue and iridescent like lapis lazuli but perfectly smoth and oval. It was smaller than a Pern’d sdragon egg. It was stll close enough for Derik to feel the sfamiliar longing. But nothing could replace his Skephanth. Just thinking about him made him start to flash back. His memories of Pern weren’t exatly real but they were real enough of avoiding Thread or burning it or the Between had stayed in his mind particularly. He wondered if Skepnath was just gone or trapped in Between forever.
Derik didn’t know which would be worse

Derik didn’t remember what happened next but he guessed a time shift had taken him to the next morning. The sun was up and Eragon and the Sue—her name was Angel—wer cuddling next to the egg. Derik had to read the words said the two had argued over who could take the egg but Angel had fainted so Eragon stayed with her and the egg all night to protect them because he felt protective of the Sue. Of course he did.

Derik knew from the words he read that Eragon was having a dream of angel’s past. Glablatorix had killed her patnetns in front of her—they had been some of the last Dragon Riders which was why she wanted to be Saphira’s rider. That only made Eragon felt more protective.

It was getting hard for Derik to concentrate on the mission with the egg right there. Somehow, he could almost sente the baby dragon inside, warm and alive and eager to hatch to bad her future rider was such a perfect fool. He would turn a perfectly good dragon into another Sue—or at least a Cute ANimal Friend.

Angel stirred and her eleyis fluttered.

It wasn’t fair. Derik’s fsits clenched. Saphira was just as bad off as skepnath—not going to die but trapped because of a Sue. He couldn’t let that happen to another dragon.

Derik didn’t realize his weapons were in his hands until he was lafway across the clearing. He’d drawn his sword and was swinging it down at the Sue. He didn’t care about Charges; she was a sue and it was obvious.

Angel’s eyes opened as the blade came down, and she just had time for one screqech burst ouf of her before the sword took off her head. Slue blood stained the ground glittery, and Eragon woke up. He was still confused by the Sue’s influence as Derik turned on him, shaking.

Derik: I need to do this right. You, Eragon, are chrged with being a Gary Stu. With being an author=insert with a boring personality and your name is one letter from Dragon and everything handed to you instead of threading earning it and whining about everyone else doing all the hard work for you, getting super magical powers, controlling the dragon is almost the last of her species and deserves much better than you!

The egg’s shell began to crack. Drawing in a deep breath, Derik turned back on Eragon.

“For these crimes you ar sentenced do death.”

Eragonw as still just af armboy by this point and couldn’t do anything to stop the sword going into his liver. He let out a choking noise and collapsed, dying quickly. As he did the world rumbled, and the words began to fall apart. Sheathing his sword Derik snatched up the egg. The cracks sread across its shell. He portealed away, landing in his RC.

As he put the egg on his bed began to flake off pieces. He coruched beside it and watched intently. Bits flew off until the egg efell apart and a tiny blue dragon tumbled out. Her wings tangled around her and Derik pulled them away she looked at him and he felt a familiar feeling in his head.



Derik stood in the SO’s office. SO: What are you doing here?

Derik looked surprised. “I broke a PPC rules state that canon characters can’t be killed. Even Sutes.”

“Oh. Right. That was because we thought that if you killed canon characters the canon would break: Your recent activity has merely caused the Eragon universe to shift. Murtagh is now the protagonist and the word world is much better. We will be sending agents into Twilight and other continua to fix them too. You’re going to be rewarded.”

Derik stared in amazement. “Then—

“You can keep Saphira.”

Derik I call her Saphirath now.

The SO shrugged. He dismissed Derik, who ran back down the hall led back to his RC where Saphirath was waiting eagerly. Derik didn’t have to tell her the news had already reached her throught heir telepathic link and she tackled him as he came through the doors.

“Derik!” She was still a baby but she knew his anme and her name and knew he was very happy so she was too.

The console beeped but Derik didn’t pay attention to the fact that tears were coing down his face either as he reached out and touched the dragon’s nose. She ran her head under his fingeriips with a purring noise like a happy kitty. H felt whole again.