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How Makes Things Falls in Love With An Agent
Kawaiinekochan -- Romance -- Posted: 26/09/2012 -- Updated: 29/09/2012
AN: so this is my 1st storey about teh ppc. i put in my ajent Sakura cuz shes awsom and japanees and its gunna b g8. NO FLAMS PLZ!1!!1!

so 1 day skura came back fromkilling sues. she didnt hav a partner cuz she was reely good at kiling and the sunflower sed she was to good 4 1. she took on a bajillion sues in 1 mishun but her cad brok bcuz their was so many of them so she went 2 dosat to get it fixd. when she was their she saw makesthings and she sed "OMG makes things my cad brok fix it 4 me!" and he sed "Anything 4 u Sakura cuz ur so prety and awsum." and than they kissd and it was so magicul that their wer sparks flyin and everybody els in dosat wuz gelus cuz they wishd they cud kis sakura.

AN so that waz my 1st chappie every1!! thanks JayBird 4 betaing. everybody read her stuff its realy good but not as good as min. i wont updat unles i get 5 revews so u beter do it.
Your welcom!!! iv'e never beatered nything befor! it waz fun too see youre stor before evryone els!
Yesh I dooo dr who is awesom tho i never seen all of the show just parts like when they wath the erth asplode in the son. An the gross flat thing.
thankiee! For bein my 1st revewer, u get an internet cupcake!!1!1 and yeah, shes gonna protect him. SPOILERS111 i got that from dr. who, lik it?
i hope u count this revoiw bcos it is brilliant to makes things fall in love it so original and ur agent seems awesom totally can tke things out an dprotec him an stuff bcos makes things adorble wuss.