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The New Generation
FyreStarBlossom -- Romance/Comedy -- Posted: 26/09/2012 -- Updated: 27/09/2012
A/N So I dont own teh PPC... but I do own kaede and maia and teh rest!

Kaede: Im gonna kill u.
Glen: *squeals and hides*
Maia: *runs and gets them!8
Eliss: You idots...

So! One day Maia was walkin thru the PCC. "I wonder who I'm gonna be partnered with?" she thought ot loud. She was said bcause she was seperated frm the friends shed had in teh Nursery--they were all little kids wen they'd been aved by Ari nd Tera, xcept for Shaw and Kaede, but tey didnt care bout that.

She got to her RC and opened the door. It was a normal RC with a giant hto tub and qeen sized beds and a HUGE videogame and TV system, excapet for...


OMG U GUYS!!!" yelled Maia! "UR MY PARTNERS!!!!"

"Shut up, you're being loud," said Kaede, the Puella Mag as stoc as alwas (A/N That is wat stoic mens rite?)

Glen turned pink, and her skn got sqishy. "Plzz dont fight.." she beged. Kaede sihed and aplogized. "M sorry, guyz." No on knw it but Kade scretley luved Glen!!! "U guyz we hav too focus!" said Elliss. "We gptta go kill stues amd stuff." Thy all noded nd sddnly teh consle beeeped!!!

( Within the Nursery...
"What exactly is this?" asked Ellis.
Glen shudderede, pink spots growing across her body. "A--a Suefic? About us? Who would do that?" she squeaked.
Shaw frowned. "But... we're hardly special. We were all side-characters. I mean, we do have some special abilities, but surely there's others."
"Well, we should go take care of this!" said Maia. "We just have to go find a full set of agent gear and go kill the other us-es!"
There was a small silence.
"As much as I like killing things, you're an idiot." Kaede said flatly.")
KAY! I jus posted the new one! Is t long enuff do u think?
oh my god theis is so cool! pls write longer chapters!
Yay! Tanks! And glen is name for BOTH girlz and gus silli!

good i forgt how ot look up words so i ddnt no...
OMGee Maya is kewl. Also Kaede is cyoot w. Glen but I though glen was guys name lol.

yes that is what stuic mens lerned it in history 2day.
Tanks fr the revew! Nuu, theyre al frinds! Maia nd Ellis r lik little versons of Subru Nakahima and Tena Lanstr from Nanoha, Shaw is a stupid sue's lttle brother, Kade is a plla magi, and Glen is a spelling error! Tey know each othr fr years!

Thanks fr the concrit tho!
Wait, so r dey all liek siblns or soting? An wahts the nursry? i've neve herd fo that plac bfore...

Cool stroy, tho! I relly leik wher its goin dn i cnat wiat to red more!!!!!1!!