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Reviews For: His Greater Love

ch 1
Wow! Deep!

I love the rich prose style of this story; it's a joy to read. I also love your insight into Ithalond's inner torment. All in all, a lovely story!

About your Author's Note: I know what it's like to be attacked for your writing by those who can't appreciate it. People can be so mean, can't they? They just don't get it. You just keep writing and don't let them win!
Haunted Sinner
ch 1
::Doors, doors, doors everywhere, and all locked and bolted. But this is of no hinderance to the eternal vampire, who steps forth and speaks thus::

An intreguing tale thus far, and I look forward to the next chapter; please accept my condolances for the cruelty of certain readers. They simply do not understand you: I too have had my fair share of this treatment. Simply ignore them and they may realise the error of their ways.

::The eternal vampire offers her sympathy, fading into the mist::

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