fanficWorld lives!

fanficWorld users,

As you may already know, about ten months ago, our servers were seized by the Principality of Lichtenstein. Our long-time enemies ithere sought to take down our service by charging one of our staff with treason and having the site's storage seized as part of the investigation.

Fortunately, after much legal wrangling, our data was returned to us recently, and so we are proud to announce that fanficWorld is open!

We eagerly await the results of your boundless creativity and all the stories you've saved up during our absence from the internet! We have all of our usual categories available, including our most popular, the Protectors of the Plot Continuum.

fanficWorld is relaunching!

We're terribly sorry about the delay since our last opening; the sudden influx of authors and fanfictions caused our servers to finally crash.

But our new servers are finally installed and are ready for action once more! As always, a category has been included for the ever-popular Protectors of the Plot Continuum fanfiction. So come one, come all, and flex your creativity muscle here at fanficWorld!

Announcing the RELAUNCH of fanficWorld!

Yes, our noble Support team have worked round the clock to fix the damage done by the most recent Liechtenstein invasion and bring you an all new, all modern, all fanfic website! Among our new features are--

Hang on. Sorry. One minute please.

Where's the website? You promised me it would be up by today!

No, I can't 'wait a few weeks', this is going out live! They're already--

Well, have you at least got the servers running again? We could roll out the old code, call it 'retro'.

... what about the Fanfic Land code? Surely that still runs?

Then what have you been working on? Please tell me it hasn't all been World of Minecraft tournaments or whatever it is you get up to.


... right.

Sorry about that! As I was saying, we're still having a few minor technical hitches, but our all new Support team who I will be hiring as soon as the last bunch are out of the building are working to bring you the shiniest fanfic website on the internet! Until then, here's a sneak oh good grief preview of our can't believe I'm about to do this hi-tech, 3D logo, which will soon be adorning your screen in glorious HD!


While we're getting the last few things ready for you and weeping into our artisan coffee, why not flex your fanfic muscles by writing for your favourite fandom - the PPC! Remember, if it's not 'canon', that just makes it all the more fun!

[bzzzt] Hello? Hello, is this thing on?

*mic feedback*

Testing, testing... there we go!

Well, look at the time! September is finally here, and you know what that means!

That's right! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages (well, maybe not all ages. Preteens and up?), it is time for the annual re-opening of Fanfic World! The PPC is in dire need of more fanfic to be written about it—so go wild and have fun!

Hi there! You're through to support@fanficWorld. We're currently experiencing technical difficulties here at fanficWorld, but stay tuned! We hope to resume normal service as soon as...

Hang on, it looks like our administrator wants to send a message of his own. Patching you through.


-iruses against their laptops, right? At the same time, we'll strike at the fifth-storey server room, try to regain a foothold in-

Ah! Loyal supporters of fanficWorld, rejoice! After a year of hard fighting, we are finally on the verge of driving those rascals from Imperial Liechtenstein back from at least one of our server rooms! Admittedly, we might have to firebomb the servers to drive them out, but never fear! We'll have backups brought in as soon as we clear out the rest of the building.

In the meantime, don't let our oppression get you down! For you, fans of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum, have a mission of your own to complete. And that mission is... WRITE MORE FANFIC! We may not be able to host it for you, but believe me, we are ROOTING for you to write it!

Okay, support@fanficWorld, you can take them back now. Girls and boys, this is going to be a tough mission, but the spirits of your departed predecessors in Tech Support are-


Well... there you have it! A mandate from the boss himself to write as much as you can, in memory of all fanficWorld has been to you. This is support@fanficWorld - the site for the fanfic you can't find anywhere else - signing off.

Oh, and if someone could get a supply package through the blockade? I'm dying for a coffee.
*kzzt*-ories! Bring us your PPC stor-*kzzt*

*kzzt*-iechtenstein ruffians, you can't stop the sig-*kzzt*

*kzzt*-alling all fanficcers! Calling all fa-*kzzt*

*kzzt*-nit, support@fanficworld, get me a sign-*kzzt*

*kzzt* *kzzt* *kzz-* -ter? Is that better? Testing, testing, one, two, pi and a half...

Right, we're on. Helloooooooo, fans of the PPC! We here at fanficWorld have been waiting eagerly to hear more of your stories, but... er... we're having slight issues with the servers at the moment. I'm afraid the forces of Imperial Liechtenstein have found us again.

Be not afraid: the fight is going well, and we will certainly win out against the oppressors in due course. But for the time being, things are going to be... a little slow.

But don't let that stop you! Go forth and write all your PPC fanfiction, right here, right now! And may-

-what? Support@fanficworld, did you say someth-

Oh, right. DIE, LIECHTENSTEIN SC-*kzzt*
Ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls, and starfish, we here at fanficWorld have an important announcement to make: after twelve months of anguish, of pain and suffering, of sweat, tears, and other bodily fluids, we are finally ready to roll out the new version of our Protectors of the Plot Continuum category!

Now, you may say, 'What's the difference?', and I'm very glad you asked me that. So glad, in fact, that I will take this opportunity to make you a promise: fanficWorld pledges to each and every one of you that our site will remain ad-free! That's not an offer you'll get every day (or even every year!).

So go forth, faithful followers! Write whatever comes to mind, and bring it along to fanficWorld - for the fanfics you can't find anywhere else!

~ffW Admin
dis is my new story, its gonna be sooooo cool, and its gonna be totes awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Deriks' first mission into Eragon goes . . . depending on how you look at it very wrong or very right ;)
A possible scene from Halley's ill-fated "vacation."
Androia and Hieronymus read "Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles )".
My new story!!! 4 Aurora's nexta dventur, will she change hsitory when she fall sthru a plothole? Ul have 2 read and c! R+R thanx! [PG-13 | Drama/Angst]
Fire Love of the PPC was mad...
Agent Darkotas uses his dark powers to eliminate the threat posed by Mary Sues.
Ranrina is a Agent Of The PPC and is half Angle half Time-lord... Can she keep her fathers' identity a secret?? R+R PLZ NO FLAMEZ!
The beauteousness of the Fictional Worlds is invisible to those blinded by hatreds of beauteousness.
Sparkly EDesu is he only hop 4 the fautuer! Pls Reed 7 Rveue! Noflames pls!
a oldagent returns and shoes the a nu agent how to do fings.
Another amazing adventure in the Department of Inaccuracies.
A sotry abut my new semi-favouri agent, SUPERNUMBERARY! Also mayb som SUSPRISES! [R | Angst/Romance]
Welcome back, true believers! It's been a tough twelve months here at fanficWorld; we still haven't fully recovered from the unwarranted aggression of the Liechtensteinian oppressors, and on top of that, our cat had kittens! Of course we immediately uploaded pictures onto the internet, with suitably amusing captions in a striking font, which has been taking up a lot of our time - time we're sure you would much rather we used for FANFIC!!

Well - the time has come! Once again we are opening up our ever-popular 'Protectors of the Plot Continuum' section for the fanfics you CAN'T find anywhere else! Whatever you want to write, however you want to write it - just sign up and join the fun!

Now, we should tell you that in the past year we've had a few emails complaining about 'canon' and 'mutilation'. And we agree! So, listen up, people, there's a new rule on the site: there is to be no mutilating canons! In fact, no members of the clergy should be harmed in any way. Actually, we're not entirely clear on why this was a concern... maybe they meant cannons? So, another rule: any large-barrelled cast iron guns in your stories should remain intact!

There. Don't say we don't listen to criticism! And with all that boring stuff out of the way - let's get writing!

~ffW Admin
Posting this for a friend! 'Canon-friendly Jay/Acacia slash, set during the Original Series'. [PG-13 | Romance]
Jay and Acacia are legendary, but nobody is perfect. So, the most badass agents of a newly formed department go out to set things right.
Agent Krisstopher woke up her RC regular time.
Two agents -- broken, lost, and looking for something more -- meet by chance at Rudi's Pub.
Genderbent Byrdtree in Rose with the Hunger Games and Twilyght! My first PPC fanfic, plz be nice and check out my newer ones...full summary inside! ~DW~*
Agent Clarke Smithers, Floater Agent of the PPC, pursues his quarry in a fictional world.
DOGA Agents James T Kirk and Spock investigate a Suvian Kingdom under the thrall of Trelana, Princess of Glitterothos. Star Trek PPC AU
My new character Tanya (who is based on me), her partner kidnaps Data from Star Trek and Tanya has to save him. Agent/Lust Object pairing. Don't like don't read!
Hs is a pertty kewl chickl. Shes got a thing called Oringins, but its rly long and thats' alot of wrk. SO hears my take!
Anger. Misogyny. Murder. This is the legacy of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum - and it's why the CIA sent Kelly Harrington undercover to tear it apart from the inside.
Gasparde de Grasse has bin sent on a missin - to find teh best fanfic OF TEHM ALL. Plz r^r!!1 [PG-13 | General]
When the Mysterious Somebody returns from death, he has only one plan in mind for the PPC. Not destruction, not conquest. Those are too overdone. They'd probably never work, anyway, since he's a ghost and all. No, he plans to ruin their endeavors for the day in any way possible! Watch the menace unfold! Watch the Mysterious Somebody's triumphant return! And of course, read and review.
The story of Verce Jumper, and how he changed the PPC. This is my first story with him, so plese be nice to him.
So tihs is the sotry of Christianne an Eledhwen and WAHT HAPPNES TO TEHM. R*R PLX1 [PG-13 | Action/Drama]
tHey CAn taKe oUr sitE BuT tHEy cAn nEvEr taKe OuR keYboARds!


jOIn Us nOw aT Fanfic World!!!

~FfL aDmin SIgning oFf
Out of the ashes of fanficLand... comes fanficWorld!

Yes, due to the continuing Liechtensteinian occupation of our former home, the entire (surviving) staff of that popular website have moved here - to the new, shiny, up-to-date fanficWorld! Over the next few decades we'll be rolling out categories for ALL your favourite fandoms, starting with the most popular of all... the PPC!

So come one, come all! Make your profiles! Post your stories! Review your peers! And remember, it's not the spelling that counts - it's the ideas!

~The fanficWorld Admin
Xerka ad Germlin ar hagving pronlems inthere freindship. Who will thy fox tehm?
The continuing adventures of Ithalond as he exacts justice for the wrongs that have been done to him.
Agent Supernumerary gets a new partner! maybe now he will be able 2 find love...
R for future inplied sexuatl actions and extreme violvence!
Who replaced Legolas Thranduillion? Agents John Watson and Sherlock Holmes are about to find out. PPClock AU.
Big things are happening in HQ. Follow the agents on their Epic Quest to find the truth.
Sparkly Deus get senr on a new mision too help sum super-kawaii Shireponys!
Agent Eamon is in his RC Center when he is vistited by a un exprected Dawrf. Plas Reedand review!!!!! Rated R for levmons. Romans/Frendship
A bassick story, guy joints PPZ, founds true luvv, doez mazians and wutnut. Tah onley diffarance is dis guy is TH PSYXIC WHALE!!
Eledhwen finds comfot with Mr Hugh
Lori Starrett vowed to never love another. But what happens when she meets Eledhwen Elerossiel? R+R please. No flames.
As everyone knows. Agnt Lana and Agnt Riaaa have been dating frever. But wat if Lana DDNT luv her!?!?!
When a new Agent joins thePPC, will she change sone1's life 4 the better? My 1st sory, R+R plx!!! [G | General/Romance]
Hi everyone! thanks for taking the time to read my story.
Nemedra verse Mary Soo Factores!!!! r+r
dis is da story of ma ajent belladonna obsisian potter the secrt luvchild of arry an draco!!!!11!1(OMG i luv drarry soooooooo much!!!)so da story iz caled teh mostaweshum story evaaa! cause it iz. itz rated t caus i lke thatr better than k. itz action caus belladona totallly kiks but
Merydel Lorliath an Cale are agents for the PPC but they also support love so theyre gonna help their friends Chrissie and Ellie find love
HI GUYS!!! AND GIRLZ!!!! My name is FyreStarBlossom an my story is gunna be bout 5 NEW agents, Maia, Ellis, Glen, Kaede, and Shaw! And their LOVE and stuff. So if u dont like Yuri, don't read!!!
so this is my 1st storey about teh ppc. i put in my ajent Sakura cuz shes awsom and japanees and its gunna b g8. NO FLAMS PLZ!1!!1!
The Marquise has a dark secred. But what is it? Find out. Marquise/???
GAIS, bcuz kissinggg
Greetings, loyal fans!

As you may have noticed last year, we had a certain amount of difficulty at Fanfic Land. Specifically, none of your marvellous pieces of PPC fanfiction were uploaded correctly... or, in fact, at all! There is a reason for this, and it's a good one.

Last year, you see, we suffered from a hostile takeover. I mean really hostile - soldiers from the Principality of Liechtenstein stormed our offices and took our staff hostage, mere minutes after I invited you all to come back to our site. They shot Roderick the tea-boy, and I think Arnold who ran our servers was sold into slavery in Monaco.

It has been a year, but I have finally managed to gain access to the internet again - aren't iphones wonderful? Most of our captors speak very little English (several only know the phrase "Ve haf vays ov makink you talk!"), but I have managed to ascertain that they believe our website to be a foolish frivolity which no-one would ever go to. They've even said that if we were popular, they wouldn't have done this (that, or they were discussing pizza).

And so I turn to you, loyal friends, my last and only hope. If the minions of Prince so-called Hans-Adam II see that the fandoms we serve are truly popular, perhaps - perhaps! - they will release us. And so I call upon you, fans of the PPC, to write like you have never writed before. I know you love this fandom - now prove it! Fanfiction is the greatest form of art in the world! Prove it!

~FfL Admin
Calling all PPC fans!

It's come to our attention that our poor little website has been sadly neglected by all our old friends from the Internet Culture section. No-one wants that, so we've come to invite you back!

Of course, we hope you want to come back to us, but in case you need a hand making up your mind, we're holding a very special event!

For the next seven days - that's one single week - we will be giving every Fanfic Land member who posts a story or chapter in our Protectors of the Plot Continuum section an exclusive, personalised banner on their user-page. Of course, we welcome stories for other sections too!!

So whether you're an old hand at Fanfic Land, or you've never written with us before, get your thinking caps on... and get writing!

~Fanfic Land Admin
Suli Marri Bella Featherson teh third is off on a epik adventurn 2 fynd teh lejnedari Pool in HQ. Will she evar find et? whu noes??! [PG-13 | Adventure]
Everyone knows the Marqis de Sod is mean and stuff to everyone but what happened to make him that way? [PG-13 | Romance]
You've all heard how the PPC ended. Now is the EPC's turn. [R | Action]
Dustin O'Grady and Verra Rose. OMGTheirloveissodraconic! 5 and Alec bashing, character death. Soon after LoR. [PG-13 | Romance]
Does no-one remember us?

We here at Fanfic Land are starting to get a little worried. We haven't seen any of our great writers in the PPC section for quite a while... in fact, it's been a whole year!! Have you all forgotten about us?!

But since we don't hold grudges, we forgive you all. In fact, we'd love to have you back -- or if you're a new writer since last year, we'd just love to have you! So why not come by, show off your creative talents, at Fanfic Land -- The Fanfic You Can't Find Anywhere Else!

~FfL Admin

Jaycacia's life seems to be going smoothly... until SOMETHING comes out of the darkness of HQ to shatter it all. [R | Action/Romance]
Teh SO lerns th erorr of his wayz!!!1! LOLL!!!
Prequel to Masquerade of OFUM. Lilith Wydenbrooke is selected to attend OFUM! A Frodo Fangirl, what happens to her when Legolas falls for her? R/R please! [G | General/Romance]
Lilith Wydenbrooke is the Cinderella of OFUM. This is her story, R&R please. No flames. [G | Romance]
i didnt get 30 reviews you MEANEINGS! bt b/c im such a nice persun ill giv u da seqel nyways!
Mystik n her partner Krep find a badnslash fic of Kurama being sprited into the HP world! How will the defeat the Slash-demn?
Kelvin is lonely because he wants to find his one True love but he has to hide his real preferrences but could one person from StarWars change all that?
This is the story of Agent Lyseaen Kai'loie. Yes, shes a Mary Sue. If you don't like it, dont rede it. No flames!
2009/07/10 - 2010/07/13
This is about the end of the PPC, which will totally be awesome.
OMG cooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!! WOW this is so amasing!!!!1!!!
Two agents, Honesty Jones and Charity Whipple, discuss their recent experiences in the PPC Cafeteria, and launch a brilliant plan to restore the agency to its original, pure form.
Hello again, chums! It's that time again. We here at Fanfic Land (The Fanfic You Can't Find Anywhere Else) are always eager to help out the fans of obscure works, those you can't write for anywhere else, and today we're highlighting one of our Internet Culture categories -- the PPC.

For those of you who don't know, the PPC, or Protectors of the Plotting Continuum (or something like that) is an internet phenomenon where 'Agents' work for 'Flowers' and kill 'Sues', working out of 'Hq'. It's all very exciting, and we've had some excellent work from our members in the past!

However, sad to say, the number of writers has gone down recently -- to be precise, no one's bothered since last July. This makes us her at FanfiC Land very sad, because we like having people writing on our site! Really we do! So go on, come back to us -- and get writing!

We know the internet moves very quickly sometimes, so there may be new writers among you. If there are, remember to pick a cool username, and, of course, to write yourself a profile. You can't make it big if noone knows who you are!

~FfL Admin

untilted slashy thign w/foxxehs
Da Clover faecs heet in Compton - how dos da O-G Clover revenge his ded brotha and escape da pigs? AU. Vilence. Clover/Hycinth probly. R&R - no FLames, k?
A story about the love and life of Melba,the Smut Carver.
Makes-Things is Back!
this is my first storie so plz b kind 2 me!!!!1!!
agent sedri is all alone and SOO sad! can an old love make it all better?
R&R!! PLZ!!!1
Hikary's new luv is undr a curse!!!! Hikary/???
ok so mi new agents r vamprs n tihs is a sotry abt tehm!!1
my f1rst st0ri!!!11! dont flame cus i can kel u!1!!11 rly i kan
The SOs lost luv returns to the ppc but she has a dark secrit. can there luv survive?
PPC Wiki fanfic. Can two hard-working electrons find time for a love-life? [R | Romance]
One day Jason wonders the hall and wonders why nobodie sees him. Thn he meats some1 who does. Georgia/Jason
This is my firts stroy Im putting up so plz be nice cos I don't like flames the make me sad!
Two Vampyres Dwelling Within HQ...can their Love ease the Pain of Eternity?
Selene's partner died last year. Now shes trying to recover. xover with Twilightt. [PG | Angst]
cerrins in luv wiht trip but seh catces trip wiht ansela waht wil hapen
A little less than a year ago, Fanfic Land stopped accepting stories for the 'PPC' category. Today, we receieved notice of a message from a former writer in that section, gutsy_gem_iwrya.

this time last year the world saw a phemonnimon that like rocked it to the core an stuff! fanficland opened it’s gates for the furst time and ppl come from across the world to right amazing fanfic about the ppc (and about agent suicide yummy!!)

but we was robbed of are chance 2 be famus righters! amongs prejudice against experimental righting n jealousy n squirrelous claims that jay n acacia was spinning in graves even when alive… fanficland stopped accepting fix!! D:

but a new power is rising and it’s factory is at hand!!

if was all join together an speak out maybe fanficland will admit it’s mistakes an we can all write billiant fanfic again for a bit!!


We would like to take this opportunity to offer a response:

Dear gutsy_gem_iwrya,

We thank you for your interest in our website. However, please note that, in accordance with the wishes of an external agency, we no longer accept fanfiction of the PPC. Our ethical code forbids posting works which may be detrimental to the reputation of such an august organisation, and we will have no part in it.


JUST KIDDING!!! We'd LOVE to have you all back in our playground!!!

Yours with GREAT anticipation,

The Fanfic Land Admin Team

That's right, guys and girls -- the PPC section is open for business once again! You can find it here.

~FfL Admin

wen the rely crampted rcs cannons get crossevd, wat happen? LOL
Kumori Tenki feels lonely but will she find a cure in the arms of the saiviour of the futur?
A love story with a twist! Hehe I feel like Tolkien [PG-13 | Romance/Angst]
Tehis is mah first storrie, so be nice!!!1 or you're a meanie-poo!!!!!! [PG-13 | Romance/Angst]1
will he reek bloody revenge? heros/ppc xover [PG-13 | Action/Drama]
kay so I said that since Alec is a gary stu andd eargon is a gary stu they must be in luf! <3 [PG-13]
It has been a year, but the memory of Jaycacia is still strong... (sequel to Funeral for an Angil) [R | Angst/Romance]
After Crashing Down, there are things that need to be discussed...and times you don't want to. [PG | General]
Melissa Rogue is unique and misunderstood... but can she bring down a totalitarian regime, discover the truth about herself, and find love [PG-13 | Drama]
Dafydd and Alec are two elves with a secret love! Finaly they get to consimate their love. [R | Romance]
this be ma first fic lolol!!! and i cant tell u who its about it's a secret... u find out!!! also this is my first fic so be nice!!! NO FLAMEING!!! lol!!! also anyway this fic is about [PG-13 | Angst]
I ahven't read many of the stories tho, LOLZ, but I saw Gammut and Debirs in a stoyr and i think tehy would be soo hawt together!! [PG-13 | Romance]
It's a Keily/Clover poem. READ IT! It's the most uniquest thing eva! [PG | Poetry/Angst]
Okay I know this doesn?t seem like something that would really happen but I thought it might. NO FLAMING! Please review I like to see how my interpretation is received! [PG-13 | Drama/Angst]
Louise decides to tell Narto her feelings, pg for kissing. [PG | Romance]
PWP Keily/Clover [PG-13]
read it its a songficcy!!1 [PG | Drama/Angst]
makes-things was always sad and lonly. other agents were always mean to him. until one day he found someone he loved... [PG-13]
In the distant future of 2032, the PPC is nearly non-existant and Sues are running rampant in the worlds. The only hope left is Agent William and the mission entrusted to him: go to the past and kill off the Mary-Sue faction leader. [PG-13 | Drama/Angst]
THis fic is abuot how agnet diacletin controlls him and how much shes like the person thathe killed in anceint sparta [PG-13 | Angst]
Exodus 20:13. Matthew 5:39. John 8:7 [G]
Unrequited love is tragic...or is it? Rating will go up! [PG-13 | Angst/Romance]
Maks-things/leeto If u don like slash, don?t read it! Makesthings finally admits his feelings for the general store owner, but will the feelinsg b returned?!?! r/r plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [R | Angst/Romance]
Agent Alec meets his new trainee Pequad soon after his divorce. Will she help him find love again. NOT A MARY SUE!! [PG-13]
Something TERRIBLE has happened, and the SO has found out. Can he cope? [G]
A midnight of contemplation has a rather startling outcome when the object of Starwind's contemplation wakes up. [NC-17 | Romance]
They may have killed her, but her legacy lives on! Plz R&R. [PG-13 | Romance/Drama]
So this is the FIRST Jaycacia story which I wrote years ago. It comes before Funieral for an Angel and tells the stroy of Jaycacia Thorntree's life with the PPC and her TRAGIC DEATH. Dun Dun DUN. [PG-13 | Angst/Action]
Agent Dafyd mets a gurl