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Author: Zephyr's Fire
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - Drama/Angst - Reviews: 5 - Published: 14-07-06 - Updated: 14-07-06 - In Progress

A/N: Okay I know this doesn’t seem like something that would really happen but I thought it might. NO FLAMING! Please review I like to see how my interpretation is received!

Caged Songbird.

CRACK! the man’s hand hit the woman’s cheek. Her head snapped back and she fell against the wall’ hitting her shoulder. She didn’t try to get up, she knew it would only bring another slap.

“Dassie,” she said, crying. “Dassie, please.”

Her loverh just snarled and yanked his arm back for another blow. The woman wimpered and tried to shield her face.

“Please” she tried again.

His hand caught her across the eyes Nyx’s vision went black and red. She couldn’t help crying out, but she didn’t want to. She couldn’t open her eyes properly. She tried to curl up with one arm still over her head.

“Quiet!” Dassie snapped. He kicked her this time, and she had to hold in her yell. “Shut up you krething vixen.” He kicked her again, harder. Nyx held in a sob. “Got that!?!”

“Yes, Dassie,” Nyx mumbled, trying hard not to sob too loudly in case someone heard.

He grabbed her shirt and pulled her up. “Good girl.” He stroked her teary face gently.

Then he dropped her and walked out, leaving his scared lover behind him, crying and battered. He knew she, would not do something stupid.


Nyx sat on the bed. She was cleaning up her face. The bruises were too clear.

She wondered what everyone would think if they fond out. Nobbody knew that the woman who had helped to save the place despite her past, who had led the forces and anticipated attacks and killed the leader herself. Nobody knew that that girl was hurt by her boyfriend the man she had lived with for seven years and taken care of for three. None of them would imagine it, they all thought Dasie was devoted to her.

She thought he might be. It was hard to tell sometimes. She loved him, but she was sometimes scared of him. He was very caring when he wasn’t being angry. He kissed her nicely and told her jokes. But when he got upset, for any reason, he took it out on her.

She couldn’t tell. She loved him too much for that.

She bit her lip, feeling the pain in her shoulder. Tentatively she moved it. It was stiff, but not badly.

The console BEEPed. Nyx looked up, got to her feet and went to, see what it was.

Muttering, she opened a, portal and went trhough, cradling her bruised arm.


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