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Internet Culture PPC Untitled Keily/Clover
Author: Flowergirl of the HQ
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - General - Reviews: 0 - Published: 14-07-06 - Updated: 14-07-06 - Complete

This is a Keily/Clover fic. If you don't like it then don't read it! Gods!


"Oh, Keily!"

"Clover! Clover, Clover, Clover, Clover!" Panting.



"Oh, Miss Keily!"

"Oh, gods, Clover...I can't...hold on..." Even more panting.

"I'm coming!"

"Oooh! Hurry! I can't...I can't...I can't..."

"I'm coming!!!"

"This much...Oh, Clover!" Moaning. Groaning.

"Oh, gods! I'm coming!!!" Straining. Panting.


"Oh, Keily..."

"Please...take it now!!!" Desperate.



Agent Shinra and the Clover heaved a heavy sigh as the last of the files had been stuffed away. They were sitting back to back inside the Department of Finance, looking for all the word as if they had just had long, hard, grubby, sweaty hot sex for the last while....which they hadn't. And punishment to anyone who ever thought the idea. The agent smiled as she patted the closed cabinet filled with lots and lots of paperwork involving the annual finance report for the PPC...which had been about several thousands of pages long and weighed almost a hundred pounds.

"You know, Clover," Shinra said, still panting a bit from the long walk she ahd to endure with the annual report, "you should really consider putting that damn thing onto a diskette."

No amount of diskspace can account for that monstrosity. the Clover Official replied wryly, brushing a leaf along his petaless head. He sighed. Still...good job, Agent Shinra. And thank you for your help. I'm sure the Sunflower Official will want you back in his department now... He turned to regard the young woman, to see the expression of pure joy for the gratitude he often gave her whenever she helped him out on so and so errand. He was slightly stunned to see her face within inches of his own plant-face, studying him intently. something the matter, Agent Shinra?

She poked him in the stem. "Oh, so it's Shinra now? Whatever happened to ten seconds ago when you wouldn't stop saying my name, eh...?" she asked, her voice a purr. If he had an esophogus with a uvula and everything...he would have gulped.

No! Please! Mercy! He pleaded, holding his leaves up in hopes of fending the woman off.

The Clover Official never had a chance.

"Oh, sow your seed inside of me!"


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