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Internet Culture PPC true destiny
Author: SparklyStarPrincess382
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - General - Reviews: 3 - Published: 14-07-06 - Updated: 14-07-06 - Complete

a/n: hi everyone! ok this is my first fanfic ever lol!! my friend got me loving the ppc, tho havent rwead it yet but i will one day lol!!1! anywayds this is about makes-things. he is soo awesume1! i love him! ok well please r/r NO FLAMES!!!!11

chapter 1: love at 1st site

makes-things was in the middle of making something really big and inportant but as usual noone even cared. no one really carred about how smart and handsom he was, they only abused him reaslly bad. he only wished that their was someone out there that would treat him nicely and maybe even love him and rispect him for who he was. anyways as he was making something inportant someone nocked on his door. he said "come in". he hoped it wasnt acacia she was reslly, really mean to him. she was the meanest out of all of the agents who abused himn all the time.

but it wasnt acacia it was someone he had never seen befor. she had long blond hair down to her waist that was wavy and a bit messy buyt still really really beautiful. her eyes were a beautiful emereld green and they sparkled at him. she was wearing a cute black mini-skirt with a nice pretty pink tanktop and she also was wearing really pretty pink high heels. she had a lovely big smile on her face and she said "hi im saphira. im new and im looking for makes-things office. is this it". "yea this is it im makes-things" he said. "ok good" she said and saphira walked in. "i have something to tell you". makes-things was surprized. what could this beautiful girl have to tell him???

a/n: ok thats it for now! omg what will she say to him LOL!! ok yea my mom is tellign me to get off the computer but ill be back with a new chatper soon1!! ok bye!!1!!

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