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Internet Culture PPC ~~~>I am become death destroyer of lives<~~~
Author: gutsy_gem_iwrya
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - Angst - Reviews: 4 - Published: 15-07-06 - Updated: 15-07-06 - In Progress

disc: ok so the pppc r evil (except in huinesoron's fic, omg she rights sooo well!!!)) but so is harry potter n tom riddle is still hott, m i write ladies??? ;) also i used a spell chequer for this so NOTHING HAS BESPELLED WRONG ok? just four all u mean peephole so NO FLAMING ok? ok. also this story was beetle by my best friend EVER ho is these_brusies_on_my_skin or would be if her dad wasn't eViL but not in a hot was so he doesn't let her get an account!!! also this fic is totally goffik so if u don't lick it then ur just a prep u sad pozers!!! also its really deep an tragic. also ur impressed at all the long wordz so go too suz its really good an made my fic a hole lot better!!! also r&r police!!!

*~..::i am become death destroyer of lives::..~*

upon a high an ice peak where the emotionless vultures jaded shoots twixt bear yews crested with snow stood the broke man whom fate oh so choleric had stabbed him down as if with a bloody stiletto of blood. the wind seemed two whisper raven... that was a name he associated with lady love the concuspience an exigency both at harm most be hypo and her most cruellest. his crimson blood flowed upon his visage mingling with his bitter teaser. he wore a black leather corset and titanic leather boobs, his skin was flaxen with a japanese dragon tattoo and his canvas was long and its tincture ghost hued and swayed in the wind and his occuli were immature.

raven... wisp the wind again as the men let his mind slip back into the paste...


she had come to him on a cod dark winters nitre... raven alacard... she wore ripped fishnets gloves abd abd ebony corset and her lengthy onyx tresses blew freely in the gale that hollowed all around them but it stopped before raven so phlegmatic an halcyon was she. her skin was moonwash'd as pork lean and her almond-outlined orbs emerald with fire. he was in the rain with a knifes that sliced his casing into streaks of crimson flesh and corpselike ebony. because his father had scouted at him ad hut ad beaten him and not understand him. so he had come to the graveyard. where raven was.

an raven took away the knife and washed a way the bled ad healed his wounds taking them into her self, leaving only saccharine scars on up his lily white limps. and she kissed him with her crimson labrums as the wind howling all about them.

she had died that knight in his arms the one and only girl he had ever loved, an he sore never two love another. but he chanced his mane to remember her, in her honour, he was always from that night know as suicide.

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