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Internet Culture PPC untitled
Author: Spufie42
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - Romance - Reviews: 6 - Published: 15-07-06 - Updated: 15-07-06 - In Progress

HI!!!2!! Im new here bt i saw teh ppC sectian and thot it looked kool. I ahven't read many of the stories tho, LOLZ, but I saw Gammut and Debirs in a stoyr and i think tehy would be soo hawt together!! Adn im not sure who Jay and Acacia are, but aparantly theyre importatn adn i jsut wanted 2 bring in a few more agents, k? NEway, here's my profile!!

Name: Spufie42
Profile: OMGSHPADOINKLE, IM A RITER!!! Im 19 years old adn im in colledge rite now bcuz im sooo smart!

NEway, heres the stroy:

1 day Gammut came ito the responce centre, and Debirs was n there. "Debirs!" he said. Debirs turned adn lookd at him. "Hi Gammut" she sed, and then she got up adn he came over 2 her and tehy started making out!!!!2!!!!11!! (A/N: OMGWTFSHPADOINKLE!!!! WHATS GOING 2 HAPPEN???!11?)

Tehn Gammt used his speshul powrs (A/N I dun relly no what tehy r, but jsut bare w/ me!) 2 turn the room n2 a luv shak, and tehy were going 2 get it on but then the computer thing went "BEEEEEEEEEEEeeeEEEERRREEEEEEEEPPP!!!!!!11!!!" adn they were soo suprised they jumped up adn hit there heads! (A/N: ow!!! LOLZ) then Gammut went adn red the words on the scren adn said :oh no, we cant go on this misson!! it was ritten by my creetor!!!" (A/n: GASP!!!1!)

but Debirs hugged Gammut adn sed "ill be with u" adn he felt better. "i think i can do it now" he said, adn tehy went thru teh portal.

Well, wat did u think? they are soo hawt, rite? adn what will happen next!!? ill only rite more if i get at least 5 reveiws!!!@

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