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Internet Culture PPC omg sylars in the ppc
Author: gutsy_gem_iwrya
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - Action/Drama - Reviews: 7 - Published: 11-07-07 - Updated: 11-07-07 - Complete

the ppc had a mysterious new recruit, everyone throat they'd seen him before but nobody knew where, he was like a dark shadow flitting from shadow to shadow.

he was in the department do mary sues, and he has a very unconventional way of killing them he just pinted his finger and they dyed their heads cut in half. then he would take there brains away but noon knew this because he was too good at killing people because he had a lot of practice to have a partner, he worked alone.

so he slowly got more and more brains and no-one knew!

one day the so got wind off a really bad mary-use who was as powerful as the wind and as string as a unicorns, beautiful as sea and founders of earth. it would take the 2 most strongest agents noun to the ppc to bring her down sylar and suicide.

'no i dent wont to work with a partner' said sylar, he was angry because then suicide would see him take her brain but also happy because it was such a powerful brain. he thought it would be very tasty. he would be too powerful when he took that bran and at last he could take over the ppc! but no one new his evil plan;

'we must its what the so says' said suicide, he was a good agent of the ppc with with lots of people who loved him, he liked them all equal because he was a good man, also he was trojan and very sexy.

'ho are you anyway' shouted sylar, he was tangy

'i am suicide from troja' said suicide, calm and not evil. 'ho are you'

sylar looked shifty with his eyes 'um'

'i think i know you' said suicide and mistook him for someone else

'MY NAME IS SYLAR' he shouted by mistake

'oh ok'

they went on the mission.

they found the mary-sue by a poo of sparkling water, she was very beautifuls but suicide new she was not to be trusted, sylar though to evil and wanted to get suicide away so he could steal her brain he lied 'come with me mary-sue and i will save you'

'ok' she said and followed him but he led her away and started stealing her brain

then suicide found them 'sylar i trusted you you bastard!!! you are stealing her brain why'

sylar laughed triumphant 'i get powers from brains look i can do this!!!' and he tossed suicide without touching him but suicide got up and saved the mary-sue she died in his arms but sylar couldn't take her brain. then sylar was very angry he thought to himself he would tak suicides brain!

'come here i am very sorry let me make it up to you' he said crafty but he was lying

'no' said suicide and killed sylar, he saved the ppc's life also new york.


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