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Internet Culture PPC A love that was never meant to be.
Author: kippur
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - General - Reviews: 1 - Published: 11-07-07 - Updated: 11-07-07 - In Progress

Eragon sat near safira at the end of the Burning Plians war. He felt so lonely. his only fried murtagh (An? did I spell that write?)had joined the evil side and now he had no one. he heard footsteps and saw a man dressed in black carring a sword. Curious he followed the man because he had never seein him before.

the man stopped at the edge of camp and eragon could see that he was older than him with long black hair and deep brown eyes. And that he wasnt a man at all but an elf becuase he had pointed ears just like arya (like in the book, not the movie which suxed lol) the man didn't seem to notice him, he just stared at hte stars, head tited back eyes half closed.

then he turned and stared at eargon in the dark and eargon felt that he knew this man and that this man could see right into his very soul.

He was frighten and took a step back.

the man stepped twoards him.

"Eragon, savior of the world, i come to you to be help. to give you whatever you need."

"But who are yuo?"

The man just smiled.



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