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Internet Culture PPC Love and Secrets
Author: Huinesoron
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - Romance/Angst - Reviews: 3 - Published: 13-07-07 - Updated: 13-07-07 - Complete

A/N This is my new wonshot about Agents Dafydd and Constance only its' a bit different. B/cos I thought they would want to talk privately, I've given them a SECRET LANGUAGE (I invented it mysefl!!). Bu don't worry I'll put in the translations!!!

On with the story!


Agent Dafydd walked into Agent Constances' Response centre with a sad expression. "Chep pasap sitha erav? What's wrong love?" Constance asked.

"Jaycacia soekwb pev, I just met Jaycacia," Dafydd told her (A/N See what I did there? I put Jaycacia in tihs story too!) as he sat down sadly. "Pev wthek pasap pioltepka. She's soooooo much better than me."

"Satep pasap piol, Yes she s," Constance agreed, "thed pwv chepathechath pwv! Pwv pakwset pel. but don't worry! I still prefer you."

" Apsitha? Why is that?" Dafydd asked sadly.

"Asi Jaycacia paware SO, It's becos the SO is in love with Jaycacia," Constance admitted. "Rwged piov cherakeras pel.I don't want him to feel jelurs."

"Satep pasap pioth, O well that's okay," Dafydd said not sadly. "Apsitha pasap pioth ka pwl pakwset pev .That's why I still prefer you too."

"Satep! Yay!" Constance said. "Pwv paware pel. I love you."

"Pwl paware pev esisewr keth, I love you lets get married," Dafydd said. Constance gasped.

"Satep esisewr keth! O yes lets!" And she hugged him.

Dafydd smiled at her not sadly. "Satep pwl edilwrev pev si asi pasap pwlger, Yay then I will be able to have secs with you becos you are hott," he said.

"Ka pasap pwvger, You are hott too," Constance said. "Esalerwv keth. Lets have secs now."

"Satep ,Okay," said Dafydd. And they had secs and it was hott.



A/N OMG secret mesage! hehe

Piolapedekak popwhedo piol ka dikpiolerit pioverit poide piov. Pokwret piol ka bahpiov podathe piol, ka piolaeriterakerit popebws piov ka piolerikitak powsekbws piov. Piov porehwger piol ka piovwsed powsed piolwsed. Piol polwrevdikiska piov, athi poverat piov ka polerat piol. Pioth chepayswkas pwth!

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