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Internet Culture PPC bad luyk
Author: omgmelloxlucyOTP!
Fiction Rated: G - English - Romance/Humour - Reviews: 0 - Published: 15-07-07 - Updated: 15-07-07 - In Progress

okies this is mah frist fic ansd i kno its gud so no flamez!!1
Title: bad luyk
Rating: G
Summary: wen the rely crampted rcs cannons get crossevd, wat happen? LOL
Genre: romance/humor

okies so 1 dei lucy was wakin to teh rc when usdenly all the cannons they policed crossovered!

lucy sed oh no and went to deth note cannon to fix it.

mello was there ansd they fel in luv. carol and teru mad`out in a corner LOL

A/N: Sory for teh shiortness, ROTFL! i'll right more soon! next chappie will be about sonic cannon!

Ps R&R! i wont make another chapter before I get one review

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