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Internet Culture PPC True Luve Needs No One ELse
Author: Lady Cyskia
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - Romance/Angst - Reviews: 2 - Published: 02-07-08 - Updated: 02-07-08 - In Progress

A/N: Sooo i jus read a missino abut agents sedriand iza and i thot EW thts gross they shuldnt put a slashr in the DMS!poor sedri lst her last prtner and den got stuck wit dis gay LOSER! so heres what RELLY happend!

Angent SEdri sat curled up on a chair in her rc crying. Eeverything was going wrong first she made a mistaake in hr last misson and nerly killed caspian instead of the sue then she wasnt even alowed to cry over his body becase her evil partner iza wascold and nasty and said "we hav a report to write up sedri".

sedri said "i don't want to write reports i just killed caspian and hes so handsomand i love him and he's my LO and you're meeeeeeean!!!!"

but iza dug her ten inch nails in2 sedris arm and draged her away from the body and back to their rc and said "im goin to check what the Flowers say' and the flowers said "iza your evil an sedri dservs better dan you 4 a partner and u are herby BANSHIEED two work in BADSLASHES!!!!@!!!!!@@@@!

and iza stormed off all angry and bitching and swearing da t shed go bak to her ofu (you know de official fanfic universties i know she didnt actully cum from one but jus pretend ok?)

so now sedri hd lost her partner as well as her lovrboy and she wus sad even tho iza was eevil sedri was nice an lked iza nyway.

"WHY MEEEEEE?????!?!?!?!"she cried screaming up at da heavens an hopin de ironicoverpower was NOT listning b/c hed be evil to her if he did (all evil powers r men dont u knowwww????)

so sedri cryed in her rc until da door opned an who shuld be der but "JONATHAN MY OTP!!!!!"

sedri squealed and through hrself at jonathan kssing him and huggin him b/c jonathan washer old partner (a/n you know before that bitch izza??) that shed lost wen da cruel flowers sent him to doga an away from her. jonathan was an ex gary Stu who sedri had rescueed AAAAGES ago and had been a replaacement fro prince caspian an loooked jus like him (a/n i knw ppc agents arnt supposed to save da gary stus but how else culd i make him look like prince C HOOOT!)

"i thought id never see you again!!!!" sqeauled sedri and jonathan huged her and said "i thought id never see you either sed, but da flowers had a chnge of heart and sent me back to you two stay 4eva!"

and sedri kised him and dey set 2 work kilin gary stus and stupid slash agents like iiza.

a/n no one said what sedris last partner was named so i named him!! haha!

hope uliked my story i'm plannin more but i wan AT LAEAST 30 reviews before i post more b/c i need the inspiration pleeeeeeease!

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