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Internet Culture PPC luv in hQ
Author: AgafndYou
Fiction Rated: PG - English - Romance - Reviews: 9 - Published: 02-07-08 - Updated: 10-07-09 - In Progress

one upon a time ther was a gurl namd Krista n she was a ppc agent n she likd to blow things up! so on day she was walkin thru hQ n she saw a cute boy agent n she say "hi!" and he say "hi!" back n she say "my names Krista!" and he say "my names Brenden!" and she blush cuz no ones evr ben this nice to her bfor and she say "ur cute!" and he say "ur cute too! will u be my gf!" and she say "yes i will be ur gf!" and they kiss n then someon com up bhind them and say "no u cant b togethr Krista is min!" and he nock Brenden out n kidnap Krista!


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