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Internet Culture PPC Crisis for the SO
Author: Huinesoron
Fiction Rated: G - English - General - Reviews: 0 - Published: 11-07-06 - Updated: 11-07-06 - Complete

The SO was in his office, waiting for someone to come and complain at him. HQ seemed unusually quiet, and he couldn't hear screaming even if he strained himself. It was all very unusual, as if the Agents had all suddenly become sane. Of course, that was impossible.

The console set into the Sunflower's desk chimed, and he pressed a leaf against the red button. He expected the report to be from one of his Assassins, but the title at the top corrected that assumption, and worried him besides.

To: Sunflower Official, DMS
From: Agent Justin Agent, DIO

It wasn't often anyone heard from the Department of Internal Operations, and it was even rarer that they admitted to who they were. For this Justin Agent to make such a statement... the SO had a horrible thought. Could they have come back again? he asked himself. Scrolling down the page, he braced himself for the worst.

It didn't come, although something very like it did. Instead of a warning that the Black Cats had returned - that, despite the odds, they had survived to wage war on the PPC once more - there was simply a link, and under it, a few lines of text.

Fanfic Land - The Fanfic You Can't Find Anywhere Else
Category - Internet Culture
Sub-Category - PPC
Story Count - 3

Below that were the titles and summaries of those three stories. The SO glanced at them, then did a double-take and stared at the topmost. No... he said, stunned. Not... her. Still staring at the screen, he used a frond to navigate a small window to the 'Retired Addresses' folder and selected one. There was someone who needed to know about this... and then, he had an Organisation to put on alert.

A/N: OMG! What are they going to do?

DISCLAIMER: Not mine, don't sue (Sue, 'Sue, lol!)

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