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Internet Culture PPC The Raven Rose
Author: MoggetsGurl
Fiction Rated: PG - English - Romance - Reviews: 15 - Published: 02-07-08 - Updated: 16-07-10 - In Progress


The plothole started fading as the so jumped thru it back 2 his office. Raven tryed to follow him but the hole was already to small. she reached a leaf thru the plothole to touch his petals

"raven" he cryed "cant you get thru"

"its too small" Raven said "i luv you"

Then the plothole closed and Raven was gone! (AN: Oh no!) The SO sat on the flore of his office and cryed for days and noone could make him happy ever again and thats why hes so cranky to everyone.

but everythings about to change...

AN: Uhoh, a cliffie! Whats going to happen next! Youll see soon!
And i KNOW flowers cant really jump but they cant really talk either so there!

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