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Internet Culture PPC A Goth IN Teh PPc
Author: Blondeelfkitty
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - General - Reviews: 2 - Published: 03-07-08 - Updated: 03-07-08 - In Progress

A/N this is my first storie so plz b kind 2 me!!!!1!!

angelika crystal ravensong (a/n isn't her namew just teh kewlest???), was the most beutiful girl in the ppc. she had wate lrnth straight hair which wasas black os ebony and sprakling amber eyes she was also a tepepth who could reasd minsd 9a/n that is so kewl 2 i wish i was a telepath!!) but noone liked her bcause she was 2 pretty.
1 day she desided 2 becum a goth bcause every1 h8ted her.
maybe if i shoe them how sensitive i am then they won't bully me any mor she thort.
angelika started waring all black cliyhes and suddenly every1 started 2 be nicer 2 her.
but she was still unhappy so she used 2 cut her slf 2 get rid of teh painb. (a/n she was raped by hwr stepdad b4 she came 2 the ppc u know)
1 day she cut herself so much that she fell into a coma then her partner cane alonf. hay wake up!! she sadf (a/n i can't b bothered 2 make up a name 4 her partner bcause she isn't very nice!!) come on we have a mission the nshe saw teh blod.
OMGWTF she shouted u need 2 go the medicl dptmenyt. she piked up angelica and ran down teh hall 2 medical.
pls help she shouted my partner is hert!
teh medical staf grabbed angelik from her and put her in a bed (a/n i saw er where this exact same thing happened so im basing it on that. er is great!!)
OMG her hart has stopped shouted a nurse we need to start it again stst! they pressed teh electric pad things 2 angelikas chest and yelled clear!
angelika jumped as the electric wnt through her and her hart stared again. she opened her eyes ans aksed what happned?

AN Cliffie! i'm so evil!!!! i want 5 reviews then ill continu this fis. it is definatly teh best fic i hav eva written! plz r&r. no flames

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