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Internet Culture PPC Alec's New Recruit
Author: kippur
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - General - Reviews: 12 - Published: 12-07-06 - Updated: 20-07-06 - Complete

disclaimer: PPC not mine! though i wish it was! I luv them their soooooo asweome! this is about a agent who hasn't been around lately, but he was my first love!1 (even if he is married.)

Author's notes! Alec isn't married!! he got divorced and he's really sad now. :( and I'm not really sure what his powers are so i'm just saying that he's really good with fire and he can turn things into things.


Alec troven was one of the PPC's finest agents. he was a shinning example of everything that the PPC could do right. he was a gary stu that went good. he was the agent that took out Marrisa Picard. he could do anything but apparently keep his marrage together. dragons and humans were too different. So he got a divorce with his wife they were still friends though. they just weren't married any more.

One day Alec was walking back from the gym all hot and sweaty to his response center three bee. his midnight black hair was plastered to his face and his dark brown soulful eyes with their cats slit pupils darted around looking for trouble or mary sues, becuase he knew that even HQ wasn't safe from invasion and his t-shirt was tight against his muscles that were well defined fromyears of fighting. as he was walking he saw a confused looking agent. "hello" he siad "can I help you?" She smiled at him and he saw that he was very pretty. Her hair was golden blonde and cut short and her eyes were gray. (an: see she doesn't look perfect so she's not a Mary Sue!) she was wearing a recruits uniform too. "hi I'm Pequad... I'm looking for three bee." "Three bee! Why that's my repsonse center! why are you looking for that?" "Im supposed to meet my mentor there." "mentor? you mean Mark-see?" Pequad looked at her paper that told her where to go. "no Alec troven?" Alec smiled "that's me!" "really?! That's great!" "Yes I'll show yuo where to go."


A/N: Sofrry it's so short! I just wnated to start the story! I promise the next one is longer! please R&R!!!

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