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Internet Culture PPC True Luve Needs no one ELse SEEQUAL!!
Author: Lady Cyskia
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - Action/Angst - Reviews: 0 - Published: 10-07-09 - Updated: 10-07-09 - Complete

AN: i didnt get 30 reviews you MEANEINGS! bt b/c im such a nice persun ill giv u da seqel nyways!

iza (u know, de evil bad slashr who tried ta brek up sedri n jonothan/caspian?) wuz sittin in her rc broodin b/c sedri wuz hapy w/jonothan n she was back wrkin in bad slsh and she hatd it b/c who WOULDNT hate 2 wirk in bad slash al day n watch thos stupd autor s make cut guys kiss EACH SOTHER ALL THE TIMEW? (a/n EWWWWW!)

de floweds had snt isa to bad slash bcause shewuz evil 2 sedri so iza desided she had 2 kiol sedri

sedir an jonothn wre in deir RC (#1830 bc iza ws kiked out the y got it al to thsm selves!) bein all hapy & cuddly& kissy & kawaii when iza stromed in w/ a flamthrowr & tried to KILL TEHNM!

jonothn saw wut was hapening in time n pushed sedri outa da way but wsn't fast enough 2 sav imself & IZA KILLED HIM!

& sedri lurked @ da body of hr luver and sudenly got real angry (a/n which she NEVER did b/fore bcause shes such a nice prson!) & jumped over n kiled iza with da flme thrower & iza screamed and bleeded and DYED!

then sedi cried n cried n cried over da body of her jonothn and all the pcc wuz sad 4 her and da flowers decided tat bcuuse she wus so gud she could go in2 narnia an marry teh real caspian (a/n u know cus jonothn wus oringinly a garystu but sedir rescud him?) n she did an she becaem queen of narina and lived HAPLY EVAR AFTA!


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