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Author: Sorceress_Gurl
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - Angst - Reviews: 1 - Published: 14-07-06 - Updated: 14-07-06 - Complete

Authors note: Hi my name is Sorceress_Gurl and this is my first ppc fic!! I hope you like it ^_^ agent siucide is my favorte char ever <3 <3 <3 if I was an agent I'd totaly glomp him OMG!!!!!

THis fic is abuot how agnet diacletin controlls him and how much shes like the person thathe killed in anceint sparta. tHis has dicletin bashing so if u like her DONT READ!!!!1! I dont want bad reveiws about how bad a riter I am cause that hust shows your stupid!! also I DO have a beta so stop telling me to get one!!! my beta is TheEvilPickle amnd she says im really good so if you want to encorage good writers give me GOOD feeback not nasty lies!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!

Disclaimer: I dont own the PPC. I do own agent suicide thopugh *runs off with him* and I dont own Mordreds Lulabye by Heather Dale but i will someday!!!!!


by Sorceress_Gurl

Hush child the darkness will rise from the deep
and carry you out of sight

Agent suicide sighed as he walked throuh the halls of headquarters. He bruhsed his long silky sliver hair back from his deep emrald eyes and sighed again I am so unhappy he thought. why does she hate me so much???

Sleep child, the darkness will rise fromnthe deep
and carry you out of sihgt

Sometimes he could feel a strengt in his viens becuase he was a great warrior like noone else and he didnt diserve what was hapening to him in the Ppc. He was partnrered with agent dicliten and she was so mean that evry day he left the repsone center to escape from her nastiness. She made him scrub evrything and serve her like a slave. He was too kind to refuse her but evry day he ached at the slavry that he had suffered.

I feel like a darkness is carying me out of sighthe thought as he walked. If only my mother were here to hush me

Gileless son Ill shape your belief
And youll always know that you're fathers a thief

hE remembered his dad as he walked too. Hed killed his father for her. Not Decletion- he hsatd her. But her, Saphire Warblade the daughter of king leonides of sparta (AN hes from Sparat right??? I dont remember!!) His father ha draised him to treast women as slaves but when he cames to sparta he was a slaev and Saphire had never dispised him he knew then that his father was a theif of hearts and thatg he would kill for Saphire.

And ytou wont understand the cause of your greif
But youll always follow the voices beneath

Suicide didnt like violence he hated guns and he hated the agents who killed the sues. Didnt the sues diserve life and the freedom to be happy?? he wondered. He hated the ppc and evrything it dstood for but he could not leave for dicletan was controling him evryday. He would have killed her but the voioce said not to. For saphires sake he would not raise a hand to her.

Gileless son you're spirit will hate her
The flowr who marriued my brother the traiter

nOt many knew diacliten was married either she had married suicides brother Homicide and the two of them used him as a slave again. His blood bioled at being a slave but for the memry of Saphire he wouldnt kill anybody. Never again would he kill again.

And you will expose his puppet behaver

Hommicide wa s a puppet of the flowers that be to control suicide. This was because Suicide was the only agent of the ppc who knew that the flowers were hiding their big secret of killing sues to prevent true love was their secret they were hiding.

For you are the proof of how he bitrayed her

But homicide was alos cheating on dieclaten with agent ithalind becuase he was raping ithalond to control him. Ithalond said he didnt like it but he did becawsuse it remembered him of Selebrian that he came from and he missed his home though he says he didnt.

Gileless son each day you grow older

Every day suicide was ageing. He couldnt keep the secrit for long but he had to because of Saphire. He remembered spoarta and how bad his father was and how daicletin was just like him but for Saphires sake he wouldnt evre kill again. Someday he would kill all the ppc agents because that would be the day Saphire use her gypsty magic to return from the dead like she promised....

Each day Im watching my vengence unfold

.....and on that day he would hold her i n his strong arms and kiss her passionatley for shewas his only reason for living this long. Deiclaeton had his body but saphire had his sole forevre and ever and when she returned they would take over the ppc and make it a force for good instead of mnurrder.

My chil,d my boy the flesh of my soul
Will die reclaiming the birthrite he stole

Hewould wait for her.

"SUICIDE GET IN EHRE RIGHT NOW U WORTHLESS ASSH OLE AND CLEAN MY FILOOR AND MY BOOTS THEY GOT SUE BLOOD ON THEM!!!!!!"Z dialection screamed from the dopor. Suicide sighed again and went into the repsone center. For Saphire he would wait to the ends of the earth.

Theres was true love that diaelcetian could nevcer stop and she new it. That was why she was so mean to suicide every day for she wanted him but he was waiting for Saphrie so she beat hjim and made him her slave but he would not kill her until sapohire returned.

Huhsh child the darkness will rise from the deep
and carry you out of sight

Sleep child the darkness will rise from thedepe
and carry you out of sihth

On that day he would kill her very dead. He promised Saphire.

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