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teh mostaweshum story evaaa!
HrryPttrluvr111111 -- Action -- Posted: 26/09/2012 -- Updated: 27/09/2012
A/N HIIIIIIII U GUYSSSSSS!!11!!111!iM HrryPttrluvr111111 caus i luv hary poter caus hes so shmexy. dis is da story of ma ajent belladonna obsisian potter the secrt luvchild of arry an draco!!!!11!1(OMG i luv drarry soooooooo much!!!)so da story iz caled teh mostaweshum story evaaa! cause it iz. itz rated t caus i lke thatr better than k. itz action caus belladona totallly kiks but
oneday belladonna obsisian potter woke up in her big bed in her rc an had some brekfast of sue blud an sue suffle cuz shes a canibal only noot rlly cuz she onkly ets sues. her partner moonlite gut out off her cofin an drink som sue blud wit her cus midnite is a vampir frum twilite. then ther consul started 2 paly my immortal by evanessence cuz its to cool 2 go beeeep.so belladona an midnite went on ther missin an they killed 10 bazillion sues an they did so gud that the so gave them medels an a promotion an they wer evn moar famus then jay an acasha THE END XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
A/N did u like mi stoyr??????????? tellll meeeeeeee!!!!!!!11!1!11!111!!111! revu an ill giv u a internet cooke. NO FLAMS PLZ!!!!!!1!!111!
Lilith Wydenbrooke
This is really good! I want to see more of Belladona!
that chapptor was to short! also the paragraph brakes are really distractig cuase there in all caps.
y is she called obsidion? is it bcos of her hair or bcos of her dark sole i can't tell bcos this is major creeps and good dark character totally not sue but i do think this chapter was too chort so update sun plz.