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teh mostaweshum story evaaa!
HrryPttrluvr111111 -- Action -- Posted: 26/09/2012 -- Updated: 27/09/2012
A/N so i gut soo mani revus taht i thout i shud rite anothr story so here gos nuthin
belladonna obsidian potter teh most famus ppc ajent in teh histry off 4ever wok up in hur bed an then she got outt off bed an fixed hur whit blond hair that wuz just lik hur dads an den she put eyeliner arond hur emrld gren eyes taht wer just lik hur othr dads an then she wok up midnite an they desided 2 go on a missin caus they felt lik it even tho the flowrs didnt send them 1 so the put sum numbrs in da consul and went 2 a randum fic. wen they gut ther they saw a gurl wit ebony blak hiar an blue eyes lik limpid tears. it wus..........ENOBY DARK'NESS DEMENTIA RAVEN WAY!!!!!!!
enoby saud who da fuk r u prepz so belladona said no ur da prep an den enoby gasped an den beladonna said AVADA KEDABRA! an killd enoby so wen her an midnite gut bak evrybody luvd dem an they gut vacashunsso dey went shoppin at hot topic cuz dats da best stor evr. DA END
A/n wusnt that da best!?!?!1/!1/1!?!? Plz tel me wat u think!!!1!1!!!111! AN NO FLAMZ K!!!
OMG my ajent kild enoby 2!! idea steeler!!! plus ur storys 2 short. y is she obsidian if her hares wite?