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My first mission
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AN: You get this chapter sooner than I though becaz I have discouvered a very real threat to the entire board and community also because my brother is grounded shouldn’t have called mom fastist so I get the computer now all weekend only I have to do my homework and I only get 2 hours at a time then mom makes me do something else isn that stupid.? So I hav to type fast and tell u all tht there ar people on this. very. Site. Who write marie-stews! (is that the rite way to spell a boy mary-su it is important and I don’t want it rong.) it is especiallie the boys this is becos boys are sientifically proved to b 2 years less mature than girls the same age on average in their brains and behavuoir. So my brother is twelve but his brain is ten and you can very much tell.

Anyhow becos it will breatk the brain of the PPC to eel with these PPsee fanfiction Mary-stus I guess it is up to us to get them to not to rite stop PpC would no be happy witt sues in their own site guise!

Oh, also and I made the gren lines go away on my spell chuck my mom tells me I am improving muchly at riteing. Yay.

Nemedra and friends plummeted to the groun nothing could save them now hardly any time to scream when Suddenly!

A flying tazi!

Vid and trask and Nemedra fell right into the empty seets it was lucky no passenters were there or someone could have been hurt. The jedi who was driving the flying taxi through the strets of crescent told them that he sensed a vabue disturbance in the fours as if ther was a power that wasn’t new jedi wasn’t sith mucking with the world. Nemedra new what that power probably was – sue – but she did no tell the jedi bcos then she would have to neuteraliese him. And the jedi took them to mace windu (AN Mase is awesome! Also yoda on different planet training luke and leia at least that what I remember from movies also slug thing but in the dessert.) who said welcome diplomats I hope u have a good stay in Crescent and it is good sity for turism especly since there no moar esploding space ships in the sky bcos we finally hav vanished the sit.

Vid was very happy to b introducted to the jedi always had he admired them better warriors than those in his home fight with the mind not just the body. And mase windu saw that all 3 were warriors so he let vid have litesabur lessins wit the padawns wile they all waited 4 the cannon 2 break Vid relly wasn’t fanboying it was a good way for them to splie up and investuhgate te jede coumpound. Trask was happy he did not need costume becus they always are adding aliyens en the expounded univrs and so a small velosiraptor was not something that surpised anyone. Whil they waited vid made his oown litesabre bcos he has like 100 ranks in mechanics so it wasn’t that hard bcos he had skills from the world he cam from. Also he wus very good with lightsaber for beginner but nemedra preferred her guns. They do not fry if dropped into swamp and anyways they are long range weapons.

Everyon pulled out their Cade and they scanned all the cannons and could nut find except that they wer all slightly out of character

Guess we hav 2 wait until the character rapture begin Said Nemedra to Vid and Trask after they had scanned every kilometer of the compounded. They had been given room for the nite and vid was very happy he had seen Amygdala she so pretty even if she was no queen any moare.

(AN: Patty Amygdala is no Vid’s LO but he think she v. pretty and brave totally should be a jedi except she was busy being quen instead.)

‘U mammals spend ur hole life thinking about other mammals,’ sed Trask.

‘no that is just the boyhs,’ sed nemedra, ‘that’s becos they aren’t less matur.’

And vid looked sad he was having much fun with jedi like a little boy meeting them long time dream from when found really old movie as child in other world.

(AN: Traveller sas that it is the future of or world so it is okay he know about Stir Wars! Not cultural contaminantion. When electronks get better eseir to save movie and story from now so it is not imposs with the technology theh can evn warp lite so don say there something they canned do.)

“Doant wore,” Nemedra say, “it si not relly a bad ting u like the jedi so mouch. It just is that if u drool when u look at Paddy then u will be given the no video and then only me and trask to finish mission.’

Slowly vid nodded sense ---

And then a stupid ignoramuse Wale who though he was PPC but relly was a Soo so deluged! Crash through seiling setting cannons on fire bcos he was destroyer of continuum.

Nemedra and Vid fill with bullets the wale and vid take out his lightsaber (nothing trask can do when wale flote in the air he very short even though he can jump pretty high he wait for land to tear it with claws) but nothing take! Jedi are running and blasting whal with lightning forse everythin on fyre but is no good becos wale SIGHKICK and anyway too fat for elektrisiti to do much effect. Vid go running towards whale with lightsaber ---

Reiew if u want to read the rest! And if you though the last bit was stupid it is bcos someun who I will no name has ritten a su tat co into continumb an kill it set it on fyre. Yeh, I no stupid rite? But finally Nem has a su to kill on her way to su factry so tank u stupod uthor. Stuped ppl hav uses after ell.

AN: Thank u v much to all my louvely revuers, u ar AMASING ppl and espetially thanks to LILLITH WEDENBROOKE who u all kno and who says she lieks my story go read hers they amazing then come back I may have new chapter becos the sue killing is too important to wait on revourrs. Did I menshon thanks go to LILLITH wEDENBROOKE who REVOUED MY STORY? Also I has lonely angle she is very nise and rites good.