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Hai, Im Amythyst Queen (not Amythyst Queen, that’s spelled wrong, stupid sight i totally typed a u,) an I am soo new here, lol. I can’t beleaf that u all are reading my pagie, lol. I am working to be better with my spellin an such, pls don tell me my grammer socks Bcus half the time I hav to reply on my fone becus my stupid brother hogs the comp. So short is just faster. Ive gotta reply to everybody fast as possible, mkay? Don’t want to leave anybody hanging becus that’s rude. Ive put this in my spellchequer and it’s OK, does anyone know how get rid of the green lines?

Anyways, I should introduce u all to my OC’s. I don have pictures because I can draw. *Is sad* If anyone draws me a pic of my OCs I will love you forever (but not like that, I don’t really know you, lol.)

Name: Agnet Nemedra (hes that is spelled rite.)
Age: about 19 becose they count different when she’s from but old enough to be in the army anyway

Speshes: Human

Hair: Really pretty and black and she wears it a lot longer than most of the other girls in the space marines but that’s okay because cutting it was a stupid old_fashioned rule and her CO’s respect that

Eyes: Pretty greenish grayish blue (I know those could be sue eyes BUT I know a girl in my English class she has eyes that really look like they change colour even they don really they just look like it so real life people do have these kinds of eyes.)

Height: She’s taller than me and abou 5foot 6

Wight: A lady never tells

Weapon: guns, guns, more guns, knives, um, lazer pistol thingy, but mostly she’s a sniper so guns

Lust Object: it will be Tripp from STenterpris but she hasn’t seen ST yet in the story

Home world: shg is from a planet in Traveler (it is a great game) called Mist (I know that isn’t a real traveler planet but there are a lot of them and I don’t want to get something wrong because I ont ah the book anyor.)

Continuums: Star War, Star tRek (Just Enterprise, I’ve only seen most of it but not all of the later seasons when the zyndi were,0 um… Cobra trilogy and harry potter and lord of the riengs and just look at my profile page for the other things I’ve red, okay?

Backstory: Nemedra is one tough chick she is a sniper in the space marines and the best shot in her class she doesn’t suffer fool gladly so it is only natural she is a leader among the new recruits and will be an officer soon. Or would be if her ship hadn’t blown up and she landed in HQ with nobody surviving the wreck except for her and Agent Vid who she only sort of knew because even though they were both popular they did rin in the same circles inc training or anything.

Anyhow the marquee de sod didn’t bother much with her and vid (he is such a butt lol but there has to be on in every fandom so we all have someon to hate) so they got an RC and got sent a bunch of missions and stuff and are basically getting popular in the PPC because there aren’t lots of peo9poe with military training really military training in the Ppc. Excepth maybe suiocide and stuff. But I don’t know if I will include him in any of the storie s of anything yet.

Name: Agent Vidresk (He goes by Vid but don’t call him viddy he’s too tough, lol.)

Age: I think he’s about 20 or so and already a lieutenant so hamsome.

Speces: He is human and I feel really boring that all of my OC’s are human but I’ve made up for it with the third one you’e see.

Hair: It’s blacl and it’s messy like boys hair usually is he’s kind of hot but doesn’t know it lol.

Eyes: He has green eyes like Harry p otter but in his case they come from his dad’s side of the family a lot of people have green eyes where he’s from.

Height: Six! Feet1 *swoon*

Wait: umm… however much six foot tall guys weh? He’s not fat but he’s got a lot of muscle because pushups and stuff.

Weapon: Everything. He shoots a lazer rifle and stuff but Nemedra is better at shooting so he usually does the te h stuff like fiint the Cad. He also keeps knves in his boots and he has a special ray gun for esecuting sues.

Lust Object: Gusy, I haven’t thought about this for Vid bcos I don’t spend a lot fo time looking through my fav books for pretty girls so if somebosy wants’ to suggest one…? No, he’s not getting together with Nemedra and I thionk there’s too many PPC characts who lo is Galadriel or Elizabeth Swan (not bella, she is icky,) so somebody different mkay?

Home World: His planet is Bakon like Nemedra he hasn’t been there since he joined the Marins and anyways his parents are dead of invasion and stuff so he left when he was sixteen and lied about his age and joined up the marins.

Continuums: Just look at the list for me and for Nemedra.

Bacjstiry: Vid is basically this totally normal hot guy who joined army at an early age because he wanted to get away from home where nothing was for him. He shots real well and is really really funny so he is the ‘wise guy’ in the RC but her totally respects Nemedra bcos of all they have gone through together now including the exploding ship which he is sad about which it gives him bad drams sometime.

He was lutennant and he very respected in the space marine. He also is based on character from one of my RP last summer with my best friend but totally different because I picked out different skills that make sense because he is PpPc. So he is good at mechanics and stuff and sometimes people take their brokeh stff to him and not Doat because he rewires the console to make it less annoying and tuff. Alsooo, he is dreamy and if you want your girl agents with him all you have to do is say the word and I’ll hook them up in one of the stories. Guy agents to I guess if you want but it wouldn’t be cannons.

Name: Agent Trask, Velociraptor!

Age: I dunno but if he were human he’d be sixteen or something like that.

Speeis: VVelociraptor! It is cool he kills sues with his toes wow I am bloodthirst lol.

Hair: He is a dinosaur, duh.


Haight: he is about up to Vid’s knee and the size of a dog but he is not a pet or a caf okay? He is a PERSON.

Wweit: About as much as a small dog.

Weapon: His toes, his teeth, um… he could probably work with a knife.

Lust Object: He doesn’t have one because it’s really hard to find any attractive dinos in HQ or anywhere als for that mater.

Continuums: Wherever Nemedra or Vid go. He is kinda innocent so he’s been reading a lot of kids books like Vid gave him Harry Potter and he read the whole thing in like three days and he’s the one who read chronicals of Narnia and the percy Jakson series and artemis fowl and Penragon and stuff. He likes anything with dragons or scaly creatures because all of the stories he reads are about humans.

Backstory: Vid and Nemedra went to Dinotopia! They were killing some sue when they totally found a velociraptor bit character who they decided to recruit so they could get vaycays and so they borght him to Hqq. He likes it there is much better than generic space and his fic. In dino the dinosaurs bond to people and his person was dead in the fic because he was the sues father and totally had a tragic accident but the sue was all angsty and paid no attention to the dino because she was so wrapt up in her drama an sadness. Vid is Trasks new person and it’s a bit ~awkward!~ because Vid doesn’t really know what that means yet an Nemedra doesn’t stop teasing him about it. But She really does like Trask because he is kind of like a little brother or something (i no, but there are lots of agents who think about agents who are different speckie as family, it isn’t that bad some people write their agebhs in romance with people form other specie and that is desgusting,) and he is so good at ppceeing and so cute and stuff. Trask is kind shy so others don’t know much about him yet.

Okay, so I ran this through psell check like five times so Ishould be good right? Anytway, one of these days I will put up a chappie!!1 but I am really busiy right now big papers and stuff for school, hope I get done soon and the professrs stop giving homework so I can rite.
Nemedra verse Mary Soo Factores!!!! r+r