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Discovering Love
Lilith Wydenbrooke -- Romance -- Posted: 10/07/2009 -- Updated: 26/09/2012
Chapter Four: The Morning After

The pearly sunlight entered the room through a window and was filtered by soft green drapes before it landed on the sleeping forms of two women in the bed.

Lori opened her eyes, smiling and blushing prettily at the events of the night before and turned to her newfound lover. “Darling, wake up. It’s morning,” she chirped.

Eledhwen groggily opened an eye. “It is?” she moaned.

Lori laughed, her laughter like little chimes. “It is!” she leaned in and kissed the elleth on the lips. “Shouldn’t you be getting back before Christianne…”

“Before what?” a harpy-like voice demanded from the doorway. Lo, it was Christianne and she was murderous! “Eledhwen, you never slept with me! Not fair!” she whined murderously.

“But I did not love you enough to sleep with you,” the elleth replied cooly.

Christianne glowered. “I hate you,” she growled. “I hate you enough to kill you.” She took out a dagger as she said so. “But I’m not going to kill you yet. I’m going to kill your lover and watch you fade away with sorrow.”

Lori’s eyes widened. Eledhwen gasped and clutched at Lori. “You can’t!” she cried passionately.

“I will.” Christianne smirked evilly and decked Eledhwen. The elleth crumpled.

Lori screamed, “Eledhwen!” and threw herself onto the body of her lover, sobbing piteously. Christianne laughed meanly before she drove the dagger straight into Lori’s heart.

To Be Continued…

Author’s Note: Oh NO! Cliffhanger! I’m so evil! But not as evil as Christianne, because I’d NEVER kill Lori!