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Discovering Love
Lilith Wydenbrooke -- Romance -- Posted: 10/07/2009 -- Updated: 26/09/2012
Chapter Five: These Tears I Cry Are Falling Rain

Grief settled over HQ over the loss of the fair scientist Lori. Even Jaycacia Thornbyrd (Author’s Note: She is a very important member of the PPC, so I had to include her! Sorry for stealing, JayBird!) showed up at the funeral and cried over the velvet-lined casket.

“She was a good friend and a good worker, always ready to make the PPC a better place. She will be missed,” she said to a standing ovation.

Eledhwen sat in the front row, crying so much it was a miracle that the hall wasn’t flooded by now. “I loved her more than life itself!” she sobbed. “Alas, I am now doomed to face an eternity without the one I truly loved!”

“Shut it with your soppiness,” Christianne snarled. “I’m glad she died.”

“You killed her!” Eledhwen howled, shoving her parnter. “You killed the one I loved!” She ran from the room, tears streaming down her face. “I’ll never love again! I’ll kill myself!”

Christianne’s eyes lit up evilly. “I’ll do it,” she cackled as she picked herself off of the floor and strode evilly out the door after her partner.

To Be Continued…

Author’s Notes: I think there’ll only be one chapter left! Please read and review!