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Jumping In
xX-VerceMaster-Xx -- Action -- Posted: 18/09/2013 -- Updated: 19/09/2013
Throught the existance of man, they have wondered, "Am I alone?" When they ask this, they usualy think of other planets, ailiens. Many know for certain that ailiens exist, in fact so many, it is just about scientific fact, but because stupid people exist, it cannot be called so. But a few know of the existance of more then just ailiens, but beings from entirely diferent worlds. Not planets. Worlds. Univerces. They know of the existance of the multiverce, and know that beings live there. But a even more select few can viset these worlds. This story follows one of those few, and how he came to meet the organization that protects some of those worlds. This is the story of Verce Jumper

Verce Jumper was sitting in his Library, reading the Lord of the Rings, a pen in his hand as he scribbled some notes inside the books. Before we continue too far with the story, I should talk about the Library. The Library is no regular library, but rather a seperate world made enitrely out of books and bookshelves. This was the home of Verce Jumper, the home he built and made for himself. Inside, time does not pass, and there is no need for food or drink or bathrooms. He built it like this because he knew he would have to have all this to be able to read all of the books in there. He has this library, because he needs it to travel to worlds. But that is about to become evedent, so let's continue with Verce Jumper. Verce Jumper was reading the Lord of the rings, a pen in his hand, as he wrote in the books. He was making corrections to the word of Tolkeen, as he had just been to Middle Earth, and knew that several parts of it were inacuite. "Tom Bombadill does not exist, as he is me..." he muttered, chekleing as he thought back to that time. When he viseted, he wanted to meet Tom, because he seemed like a cool guy, though he was useless to the story, and was sad to see that Tom was so useless that he did not exist. Still, he knew that the Hobbits had to meet Tom, as he was so important to how the quest worked from then on, though he could not remember what he did exactly to be so important. He danced and sang to the little hobbits, patted them on the head, and saved them from the writes by using his sonic screwdriver he stole from the Doctor behind their back. That was so much fun. "Sauron's eye does more then just look at you..." This was a particularly painfull memory, as the eye can shoot fireballs from the pupill, as a way to defend. That was not so fun. He continued down the list of differences, and corrected for a time, but eventually, he found himself getting bored. Well, there was one thing to do when he was bored.

Verce Jumper closed his book with his eyes, and focused on the book. He pulled on it, trying to tugg the source of the book free and use it to Jump. You see, he travels though stories, thats why he lives in a library. WIth this library, he can travel to the worlds of any story he wants, though there energies. Verce Jumper pulled across the Worlds, using the length of story as a rope to pull himself. Then, instead of him pulling, he felt being pulled. Between the worlds, a gigantic hole was there, sucking in all things around it inside. But this was the Space Between Space, and so there was nothing to pull.

Except Verce Jumper.

Verce Jumper struggled against the hole, but it was to strong. "HOLD ON!!" he yelled at himself. "IT CAN NOT BE. THIS IS NOT HOW IT SHOULD EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!"

bUT IT WAS TOO LATE. Verce Jumper was sucked into the hole.

{A/N: Sorry to leve you on such a clifhanger, but it is just the best plase to end! Please rate in reviews, I want to see what you think. Cool so far right? I prmace I will get the next chapter out soon. Till then. Bie!!]
It's so exciting! I can't wait to see what happenes next! Is Verce going to die! I hope not. I like him. U better update soon, tho, or or I'll think of something

I knoe! I won't ever let u have cookies again!

Bey bye
Thank you so much!!!

I dint want to spoil anything, but sinse you asked I will give u a hint... Verce is not dead just yeat...

Im so sorry, but it is going to take me tim to work on the next pardt. I want it to bee good you now, so I dont want to rush it.

NO NOT THE COOKIEES!!! LET ME HAV THEM U JERK!!!!! Jk, I would never hurt you. Unles you take the cookies!