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Crazy For You
StarShipper -- Action/Romance -- Posted: 19/09/2013 -- Updated: 23/09/2013
"When I said 'kidnap', I didn't meanů" Tanya trailed off, realizing that her partner wasn't listening. Of course, there was also something in the room that was sapping her ability to speak and think.

Data struggled against his bonds.

"No, dear, you can't get out," Amare crooned, leaning against the chair he was strapped to, so close that her blond hair was brushing his face. He recoiled slightly.

When I said 'kidnap'," Tanya began again, slightly louder, "I was joking. Let him go."

Amare glanced at Tanya. "Don't worry, I'll let you have a turn after I'm done." She turned back towards Data and traced a finger down his jawline. "Now, let's get your shirt off."

Tanya choked as Data's eyebrows shot up. He pressed against the restraints - his muscles flexing quite nicely, Tanya noticed guiltily. "I would not like that," he said.

Amare grinned evilly. "You're going to." She reached for the back of his uniform top.

"Amare, don't!" Tanya cried. Data looked towards her, his golden eyes pleading. She lowered her eyes, trying to hide in her short curly brown hair. As much as she wanted to go over and help him, she was paralyzed. She was sure if she got too close, she would spontaneously combust. Even across the RC, his wide vulnerable eyes were making her insides squirm.

Well, that wasn't the only thing making her insides squirm. Amare had found the fastener on his shirt, and despite his struggles managed to remove it. She tossed it to the side.

Tanya squeaked, but she couldn't tear her eyes away from Data's body - slim, pale, muscular, but not overtly so.

"Oh yeah," Amare said approvingly, running a finger down the middle of his chest. Tanya whimpered softly. She wanted to be in Amare's place no she wanted to save him no she wanted him no she wanted to help him...help him...

Amare reached for the waistband of his pants, and both parts of Tanya's brain came to an agreement.


She ran across the RC and thrust herself between Data and Amare, bumping Data's legs and knocking Amare over.

"Hey!" Amare cried, getting up.

Tanya whipped around and, with shaking hands, released Data's restraints. "Get your shirt," she said, and he didn't argue.

"No!" Amare cried, lunging after him. Tanya stepped in the way and spread her arms as Data bent to pick up his shirt.

"Don't touch him," she said.

Amare tried to go around, but Tanya matched her movements and stood firm against attempts to push her over.

Data put on his shirt, and he walked closer to them. As they saw him, the scuffling escalated. Neither of them was particularly skilled, so it mostly consisted of Tanya trying to lean on Amare and knock her over (Tanya being the heavier of the two) and Amare trying to push her off and go towards Data.

Tanya froze as Data came up behind Amare. She turned, and gasped as he pinched her neck. She crumpled to the ground.

Tanya took a deep breath, trying to steady her breathing.

"Do not worry, she is only unconscious," Data said, stepping over her body to stand tantalizingly close to Tanya. Sure she was hyperventilating out of worry. It wasn't because she was just fighting and her Lust Object was standing close to her. Of course not.

She made a soft squeaking sound, then made a louder sound as Data placed his hand on her neck and pushed her against the wall. "I have some questions to ask you," he said.


A/N Sorry to leave off on a cliffhanger but I'm bored with typing. Read and review! :)
Wow. That was really good. Like awesome levels of implication here man. Wow. I can't wait for the next chapter of this.
I'm so glad you like it! Don't worry, I'll update soon!
TAht is so cool only ummm coldn't they hav kidnspped someone HOTT becus Dater is kidn of creepy lookin
Well, I think he's hot. And it's my story so I can do whatever I want!
And so its beginning.

0/10 for your're efforts.

Are you seriously trying to make me believe that a ROBOT that is probably 01x stronger than the average human being would let itself be tied down? If moveis are anything to go by, humanoid robots are always trying to kill their masters. I don't know why you people think that human/synthetic peice if trash is a reasonalbe pairing.

Still, you showed reasonable grammer and violent robot tendencies at the end of this piece. I think I shall award you 1.0*10(-1000) points for that.

Stop writing,

I would explain my reasoning to you, but it's clear that you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Data or Star Trek, so you wouldn't be able to understand.

If anyone intelligent wants me to explain, then by all means ask. :)
Oh, yes, a robot exactly one times stronger than its enemy would so much harder to tie down than a normal human. Did you mean to put a number in front of that 01, perhaps?
You're forgetting that it is very hard to subdue a human that does not want to be subdued. The alleged kidnappers would have had a hard time subduing a robot that is faster, better, an stronger than your average person. This is already stupid.

Also, I did forget to put a couple of numbers before the 01. It should have read:

"ew8yr8239y589y23yru2o3y5riyht234iuyhou58972ty3ou5hy2983i14p90u3492o;pt92uqfIHWYIUERTYO;IRTERUYWQSTuewyioqto4t" and then 01.

So there. I won.


Those are not all numbers. You cannot multiply by things that are not numbers. Even when you multiply by letters, those letters need to represent things that are numbers, and there are too many letters there to multiply by anything.

One of those is even a ;. How do you multiply by a ;? It would be like dividing by zero, if instead of a zero, you used an owl. HOW DO YOU DIVIDE BY OWL?
Not only do you write bad stories your also a poor mathematician.

The letters are obviously constants, solvable only though a system of linear algebraic equations. Punctuation in between argumants helps to partition different entries and mathematical entities.

I win again. How depressing.
That would account for... not many of them. Let's see, that would be the e's, the h's, and the u's, and the p's to qualify as constant. The i's might represent something else, but since the only i constant would lower your number on account of being negative when multiplied, you probably wouldn't use it. That leaves the... everything else, which doesn't equate to any algebra. No, not even the capital letters.

Conclusion: You were just pulling that "I win because math" thing right out of the back field. The more I read your comments, the less I become convinced that you are not full of crap. You were probably even lying about the ;.
I smell frustration.

I'll make this simple. Capital letters can also be constants. Anything can be a constant. Even punctuation.

Three-nil in my favour. I am disappointed in your vail, self-deluded efforts to rationalize with me.

Look. I may not be a math whiz, but even I can tell the difference between a complex matematical equation and a cat stepping on a keyboard, and I feel I can say without doubt that TheGreatDestroyer is wrong

Whether or not Cyber-Observer is right or wrong is still up for debate, however.
Poor, poor not-mathematicians. You really can't see past something as trivial as punctuation in equations.

And here I was, thinking that I would find a worthy adversary. Ah well. Perhaps I will stay here a while and watch everyone danse and flame each other. This is so fun.

Update SOOON! I can't wait! Does Data luv Tanya? I hope he does! Than they can get together and be happy ever after!

Bye Bye,