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Sweat, Blood and Tears
JayBird -- Action/Romance -- Posted: 15/07/2009 -- Updated: 03/10/2012
A/N: Ummm wow its bean a long timme! Hop i remememember what I was writin!! Umm so this cahpter is an esperiment in SUSPENS.


Chapter Three - Fear

Jaycacia awoke in the middle of the night, uncertain what had disturbed her. She tenderly lifted one of the SO's vines away from her soft skin and sat up, patting her hair to make sure it was still perfect (it was, of course). She was vaguely aware that she was still naked, but the night air was warm, and Jaycacia was extremely progressive about that sort of thing.

The forest glade was silent, lit by a silver moon and surrounded by dark trees. In fact, Jaycacia realised slowly, it was too silent. Where were the insects? The only sound was Jay's soft breathing.

Something moved in the forest, and Jaycacia gasped softly. It had barely been a shadow, a flash of black and deep red against the dark green of the trees, but it had been enough to set her pulse racing. She wondered whether she should wake her mother and husband - but no. There was no point exposing them to danger.

Standing, Jaycacia pulled on one of the soft robes the SO had provided for their holiday. It was black, with pastel pink trimming, and embroidered over her heart was the new symbol of the PPC - a stylised images of Jaycacia's own face. Her husband had wanted to make it a full-body portrait, but her mother had pointed out that not all the agents in the PPC were as progressive as Jaycacia, and he had relented.

Jaycacia walked across the soft grass towards the forest, when suddenly there was another movement behind her. She whirled, just in time to see the tail end of something the colour of fresh blood flash out of sight. Before she could process it there was a rustle off to the side, and she spotted what looked like a black-clad arm.

The sounds continued, and Jaycacia's mind sped. Things were clearly not well in the forest, and that arm (if it was an arm) suggested some of the people out there were from the PPC - probably the Department of Intelligence, who had always hated Jaycacia. That meant there would be at least twelve of them, and that meant...

"We're surrounded!" Jaycacia called out to the SO and Jay, who sat upright - and then...


"Riddle me this: What do you call a kimono in Ancient Rome?"

"... anachronistic?"

"Got it in one. Hello, Jay."

Jay looked guilty for about as long as it takes light to cross a hydrogen atom, then beamed at her old friend. "Acacia! Fancy-seeing-you-here!"

"Yes, imagine," Acacia said dryly, putting down her tools and leaning on the counter. "I'm at work, Jay. Can it wait?"

what wait?" Jay asked innocently. "I could be here for a simple chat with my best pal in all the-"

"Yeah, but you're not."

"Of course I'm not," Jay agreed, and held up a sheet of paper. "It's-"

"No, let me guess," Acacia sighed. "The Sunflower is still trying to get us to kill that
Fifty Shades thing, and now he's got a petition together to-"

"Nope," Jay said smugly. "It's Jaycacia."

"... it's

"Well, every month is Jaycaciamonth now!"

"And how long did you take to think up

"About two thousand years," Jay said, still grinning. "In reverse. Got any tea?"
Penguin King
JayBird, you're one of my favorite writers here. Your style is so unique, and you're telling stories in a way that truly moves people.
Ellintyra Llyosinthayr
OMGGG!!1! More Jyacacia at last! I luv ur storys about her!

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.......OMG IS SHE ALIVE AGAN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Lilith Wydenbrooke
This is so exciting and I can't wait to see more! Your cliffie has me in suspense UPDATE NOW!
She sleeps nekked? lol Uh I dont think flowers can luv people tho. its a cool story anyway. ha cool story bro lol
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H3h3h3! i diiid! it was predy good but way 2 short + im sad u didnt say hoo it was :( but den again dat mean I can think it was Jacasia! "D
You mean the Marquise? SQUEEE! He's my favorite he's sooo sugoi you should check out my story, it's murui awesome! (Not bragging ^__~)

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- ~*mrskopaka*~
Omg, wat a stupid storry!

Like who pars floers wit REAL PEEPLE?! Thats so stuppid n gros an wrong why wuldd yu do that ewww?!

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But I like the Marquise more.

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