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Special Mission
HrnmsGrbrd -- Humor/Parody -- Posted: 22/09/2014 -- Updated: 22/09/2014
DISCLAIMER: I still donít own the PPC, nor do I own World of Warcraft or anything else that you may recognize. But Androiaavata is mine, and I will never give up on her!

Authorís Notes:
All the reviews I got last time were so enthusiastically encouraging that I just have to do this again. Thank you, Dazz, I love you.

Somebody (not a reviewer) told me that putting author notes into the story is annoying. I will not do this again. Itís all up here now.

I was reminded that itís good practice to link to the story that was "visited", or at least give its title and acknowledge the author. Since I forgot this: The "Minor Correction" was applied to "Why am I Here", which belongs to Jay Thorntree and Acacia Byrd.

Somebody complained that I announced a badass team, but then my second agent was not more than a bit character who didnít really do anything and wouldnít even have a name if it had not been mentioned in authorís notes. I promise to give her more to do this time, and you may even note some character development.

My cat got kittens, they are adorable. If you want one, e-mail me. The address should be in my profile. (Please donít misuse this to send me flames.)

Oh, I nearly forgot again. The story to which the mission goes this year can be found here.

BTW, the Universal Translator has been repaired. On to the mission now:


The agent whose name will not be revealed sat in his RC writing fan-fiction when the console BEEEPed and a half-dressed night-elf ran out of the bath-room. The male eyes watched with pleasure as she crossed the room and bent over the console to read the Intel report.

"Oh, it is for our secret second department again", said Androiaavata. "And Iím afraid this time we will need the wiki printout." Her partner looked puzzled and slightly disappointed as she hefted the flash patch displaying the quill dropping red ink onto her long blue gown, heaved a huge tome from the book-shelf and, holding the book high above her very pointy ears, strolled over to his desk.

"What story is it?" asked the man.

"This one", answered the night-elf, bringing the book down on his head. WHACK! "Watch your rating!" WHACK! "You know quite well Ė" Whack! "Ė that I would not Ė" Whack! "Ė appear half nude Ė" WHACK "Ė in a place Ė" Whack "Ė where you can see me."


A/N: Ouch, this was unexpected. Anyway, read and review, please. (Yes, I learned what Plz R+R! means.) And maybe you can tell me in your comments what you think the rating should have been. I donít get why Androia was so angry. Is this adult content or what?

I expect to get at least twice as many reviews as I got for the previous story, otherwise I will never write again.
Umm I dont' get it. WhY did Andorava hitt her pratner on teh head wiht the sotry theyr bein sent intu? Iz taht a new wai for tem to get intu itt? T hat sounds quiet col! I mite youse that. Um anywaz it was patty short but cool.
EEEEEEEEE! OMG I GOTT SHOUTEDD OUTQ!!!! YAY!!!!!!I!1!! I reeeeeaaaly like the story too!!!!


Thank you, but I have to say: You wonít get anything ever if you donít pay attention. Androiaavata hit me over the head with a solid printout of the PPC Wiki probably a mile thick. I still have a headache.
I think it was coz da partner was lookin at her I mean EWWW wat a PERV! D: But it was prety funny wen she started wacking him lolol XD

I relly liked dis!!!1! Mabey u cold reviw my story wen i get it finished?? Taht wold meen alot 2 me!!
OMG I'm dying! This was too funny! I loved the twist you had there. Super meta FTW! I hope to see more with these two soon!

Thank you. You can see more in the "Mysterious Nonscience Reader 2014". But it is quite different. Androia gave it to me to show me "how itís done right". Ha!