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The Marquise's Secret
Ameyumi-sama -- Romance/Suspense -- Posted: 26/09/2012 -- Updated: 29/09/2012
A/N: I'm sooo excited about ths! It's my first fic here eveeer!
Disclaimer: I don't own the Marquise, but I wish I wooould, he's so uguuu kawaii! <3


The Marquise was in hsi office when suddenly the door opened.
You knock first, you... And then he was silent. He looked (wait, is that okay so?) at the person who stood in the door and had opened it before.

"It's meee, sweetie~" A voice said. The voice belonged to the one singular person that the Marquise was being nice to. She strode into the office and took the Marquise's hat off. "Oh you look stressed. Let me help you." She twirled around his pedals and purred, robbing all over the table.

Of course, my dear. He closed the door with a vine.


Now what do you think? Sugoi enough? Review please, be nice to me! ^_______^''''
Lilith Wydenbrooke
I was a little worried from the summary but this is really good! Continue please!
zomg i hav to kno is this jaycacia bcos that would be awesomesauce i hav not finish reading all her stories but it is gr8 that u were allow to use her in dis story? or is it someone els?

pls updat sun i promise revows trying to be on here more totally slack on hw right now, lol.
OMG how can u say htat?!?!?

th eMArquis is AWESOM he s just misundretood and needs ome1 2 show him som love that is what my story is about! I though u were cool. D:

eew y wud u rit abot the markey? hes sooooo meen and daysys arnt even a goood flower. u shuld rite abot the sunflowr insted, or a difrent flower lik the subrosa. my fics beter then urs.