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O haaai my name is Ameyumi-sama and welcome to my fanficWorld page!

I didn't do this before and I'm superexcited to do this now! I'm a huuuuge fan of the PPC they're all so kawaii, especially the plants. The Marquise is just soooo sugoi I can't believe I'm doing this now THIS IS SOOO CRAAAZY!

Also I really really like Japan, because it's so Japanese. See what I did there, eh, eh?! My name's also Japanese, and it means rainbow, because I like rainbows, and the sama is because I'm a girrrrrrrrrl. Grrl. ^___~ Especially DOUBLE RAINBOWS! Double rainbow all the way acrooooss the toooooown~

Anywaaais, read my stories and tell me if they're any good!

Sayonaaara everybody! *_________*
Big things are happening in HQ. Follow the agents on their Epic Quest to find the truth.
The Marquise has a dark secred. But what is it? Find out. Marquise/???