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Heres my storie guys!
GrimChick6x9 -- Romance/Slice of Life -- Posted: 26/09/2012 -- Updated: 27/09/2012
I soooo luv the pppl who reviewed you know who your kay. Anyway theres lots of fluff soon but dont worry cause then theres action! Now shhhhh oh and sorry but my beta went on strike lol btw I need storie name ideas kay
Cale- Litsen too her!
Merydel- Chill cale its okay

They were wakling down the hal when cale stepped into Lorliath. “Im so sorry” She yelled and Lorliath started to cry but she was nice si she forgave her even tho shes an jerk. “Gah Cale why are you so stupid” Cale brisled like a hedgiehog “I said I was sorry and evrything” Merydel snorted. Stop it you too” Lorliath was really pretty she has blond hair that curls right blow her ears like Rose from Homestuck and Merydel looked just like Morgana from Merlin cept she has red hair and purple eyes because she has a disease that mens she doesn't get periods and she can see in the dark but she coud still have a babee if she wnted won. Cale was reely sad that Merydel and Lorliath were angry at here soshe sniffled a bit and followed them. Meanwhile Ellie and Christy are chiilling in there RC. Ellie was using the vaccum and Chrissie was msiling at her for being adoble and she thought 'maybe one day I'll be able to tell her my true fillings.” slowly she came behind her and rested her head on her shoulder. They began to sway around the room together and the other agents who wer watchin them were fangirling but then somethng horible hapened! There portal opened up and out of it steped the worst sue of them all!
Out came....................................................HERMIONE