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finally! i new my moment wood come! so my name is GrimChick cause I lie grim stuff lol anyway im rely exited for thissite because doesnt exept PPc fics an thats so stupid! im working on a fic about an agent but I dont know if i should make up my own chars or if i shoud just use the chars i already kno you kno? ooh and canon with non canon would be so awsum like if sherlock had sexy time with the sunflowers and then agent chrissy could confess her luv to ellie! (i relly liek those agents ok) and i just have so many ideas and stuff! get redy cause i will rock your word! (geddit?)
Merydel Lorliath an Cale are agents for the PPC but they also support love so theyre gonna help their friends Chrissie and Ellie find love