Author: bjam
It was a cool and crisp day, birds flew overhead, softly chirping their love songs, and all was good in the world. Light fluffy clouds were sprinkled over the blue sky, and the Sun shone down bright and gleeful. Three figures were lying out on the grass, the light penetrating their bodies and causing them skin-cancer in the long-run, but at the moment just perfect tans. Perfect tans to join their perfect bodies.

BeautyID was the Canadian of the trio. Currently sporting a black and white polka-dot bikini and stylish, yet affordable, sunglasses. She had her eyes closed and was softly singing an Elvish song to herself. Her long ebony tresses, which hung like a waterfall from her scalp, hid her pointed ears. Dark brown eyelashes were resting gently on her porcelain cheeks, and her lips were in a perfect pink pout.

Huinesoron was an Elvish male that was situated in the middle of the two beautiful young women. His muscular legs were laid out straight in front of him, and his strong hands were currently carving a bow. A focused look flashed in his hazel eyes and his delicate features were poised in concentration. His ears were also pointed, and his hair hung down his perfectly sculpted shoulders and back. Tight Elven trousers were all he had on, as with the sun so beautiful this morning, he needed to get his normally pale skin to a glowing golden colour. Placing the now beautifully carved bow he closed his golden orbs and laid his glimmering body on the emerald grass.

Bjam sat on Huinesoron's right and was also tanning. Her chin-length hair was a deep purple, with lighter lilac streaks throughout. Her long, delicate fingers were softly drumming a beat on the grass beside her hip. Her curvaceous body was dressed in a short, lilac, skirt and a lavender bikini top, and here sparkling eyes were staring into the unknown behind her funky sunglasses.

Suddenly a large rumble of thunder occurred and both girls jumped to hS's side in fright. The British elf placed an arm around each of their shoulders and looked up to the sky.

"It is going to be all right, my loves," of course the Laws of Comedy said it was not going to be all right and at that moment dark ominous clouds appeared and dumped water onto the group.

Drenched in rain, hS picked up both of the females and flung them over his shoulders and took them to their tent. Once inside, they realised just how small this tent was. They all fell onto the single XXL sleeping bag and looked about at one another.

"How on Earth are we going to get dry?" Bjam asked, peering out at the rain that was coming down heavily.

"Body heat?" BeautyID suggested warmly.

"But we can't get body heat in wet clothes..." the other female quipped.

"Well then," hS said with a grin the size of the Cheshire Cat's, "We'll just have to take these clothes off then."

Slowly they all stripped each other of their drowned clothes, softly kissing one another as they peeled off the layers, like a sweet sexy onion.

They all clambered into the sleeping bag, still kissing the other's skin until they all stopped and looked at one another. Smiling softly they proceeded to do something, which we don't know about, as the screen shall conveniently fade to black now.

The next morning

The grass had small dewdrops sprinkled all over, and small bunnies were hopping around the tent that had our trio inside.

Bjam's leg, BiD's arm, and hS's foot were poking out of the top of the sleeping bag, and the author happily drowned another glass of bleepka. Yawning the three woke up, stretching their sore muscles, and picking up various items of their clothing (how on earth did Bjam's bra end up on the roof of the tent? How did hS's shoe get into that hole? Why's BiD's glasses 2 feet underground?) Walking out of the tent, they shook hands and went their separate ways.

Bjam walked along slowly, grinning to herself ‘Well, that was defini-‘ Her cell phone rang. She pressed the little green button and held it to her ear. After the person on the other hand had said their message she shrieked and threw the phone to the ground and fainted on the spot.